This Week In Comics [Black History Month Edition] Ft Rubyn Warren #SwagPatrol

To Celebrate Black History Month here on Earth2, we have decided to highlight and promote some African American Comic Book Creators..

Our 1st Creator is Rubyn Warren II

Rubyn is the talented creator that brings us #SwagPatrol.

It’s a story of 3 African American teenagers, 2 siblings and their cousin, who become superheroes with the help of their science teacher after a lab accident.

Aside from being a talented comic book creator Rubyn is also a stand up comedian who has appeared on FOX and TruTv.

Swag Patrol Issue #0: for more Swag Patrol stuff

Swag Patrol on Facebook:

Rubyn Warren on instagram: @rubyncomedy



If you Drive or commute and would Rather listen and Download, we’ve got you covered on, iTunes, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, TuneIN, Podbean, Google Play Music, and of course on here….


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