This Week In Comics [BHM Edition] Ft Raymond Sanders #Fierce

We are continuing with our Black Comic Book Creators for our “This week in Comics” Podcast

Our Guest This week is RAYMOND SANDERS

Raymond Just isn’t a Comic creator, but owns a publishing line that Puts out comics such as: Avengance, Swag Patrol, Shay Diamond, and his very own comic FIERCE.

Fierce is a comic about Aaron teenager with powers who at first didn’t want to be a Superhero, but later on through the persuasion of an older hero decides it’s time to use his powers for good.

His Website is

He is also online:

Instagram: @fantasyartstudios
twitter: @fantasyartcomic



If you’re a commuter and would rather listen on the go and download.. We’ve got you covered on iTunes, stitcher, Podbean, Pocket Casts, TuneIN, Google Play Music, and of course on here…







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