John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein confirmed as directors for Flashpoint & what you can possibly expect for the upcoming film

John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein has officially closed their deal with Warner Brothers, and have now signed on officially as the directors for the upcoming film Flashpoint! Both John Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have previously expressed their excitement to bring their own take on the film and gave fans an idea of what to possibly expect for the upcoming film going forward.

Now that Flashpoint officially has directors on board, the film could possibly start production later this year. Until then, rumors and reports have been floating around about the possible villains and story we can expect to see adapted in this film such as:

The Rouges:


Earlier last week, Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap revealed that The Rouges will be the main villains of the film. For many who don’t know, the Rouges consists of a group of criminals who ban together to cause havoc on Central City where Barry Allen resides. These group of villains consist of: Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Mirror Master, Abra Kadabra, Captain Boomerang, Golden Glider, Pied Piper, The Top, Trickster, and Weather Wizard. For many who already watch the Flash television series on The CW, will probably have a good idea of who these characters are already but for those that don’t know, Captain Cold usually acts as leader to the group as they not only commit crimes such as robbery, but also share one goal in mind which is to take down The Flash. Even though we have seen the group on television, I think seeing the group together on the big screen will have a bigger effect on new and old fans. The film will allow a bigger budget which means we can see the Rogues Gallery in full effect take on the flash in one big showdown that I’m sure will please both critics and fans everywhere. Let’s hope this group of characters make it to the film. It would be an epic thing to see for sure.

Reverse Flash:


Professor Zoom otherwise known as Reverse Flash has also been rumored to appear in the film, but not as the main antagonist. Instead he will have a much smaller role in this film. Possibly the reason for this is because they might want to slowly build a story to him leading into another film where he might have a much bigger role. For those that don’t know, Reverse Flash is The Flash’s arch-nemesis and also a speedster. Pretty much the Joker to Flash’s Batman. He is also the man responsible for murdering Barry Allen’s mother which is the main reason why Barry becomes the Flash later on in his life. Reverse Flash comes from the 25th Century and comes back to the past cause havoc solely on Barry Allen by any means necessary. Some could even say he’s worse than the Joker because of the fact he has Barry’s same ability and he can warp and tear through time at any moment he chooses which makes him not only the Flash’s greatest foe, but also a villain even the Justice League as whole has problems with sometimes. If the rumors are true. Seeing a story that slowly builds to Reverse Flash’s appearance can be a great thing, because it leaves more room for more amazing stories to be told in possible future sequels. Seeing a tease of the character or a cliffhanger that reveals the character would be an epic thing to see especially on film giving the effects they can bring on the big screen.

Dr. Light:


Dr. Light is rumored to be the big bad of the film. Dr. Light otherwise known as Arthur Light is known to be a recurring enemy of both the Justice League and Teen Titans. He is able to manipulate light energy in various kinds of ways to use to his advantage. Such as creating solid images of himself that he can make explode on contact, force fields, invisibility, flight, and absorb light energy in any area. Seeing this character take the role as the main villain of the film will be interesting to see, and could be an epic challenge for the Flash to take on in the film.

Iris West:


Iris West is the love interest and eventually wife of Barry Allen. She is a journalist in Central City very much like Lois Lane. Unlike Lois Lane however, she has a long history with Barry allen from childhood. Joe West who is Iris’s father takes in barry as a son after the tragedy of Barry’s mother, and overtime Barry and Iris grow close and eventual lovers in the comics and television show.  She is known to be a strong, independent woman that acts as the moral compass for Barry Allen and helps steer him the right direction when ever he begins to lose his way. Kiersey Clemons is confirmed for the role of the character, and I have no doubt she will portray a great performance that many audiences will grow to love on the big screen.

Why you should be excited:


John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein just recently finished their last film Game Night, and I had the chance to view it opening weekend. The film is a dark comedy with a great cast lead by Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. The chemistry the entire cast shows in this film is on point and entertaining from beginning to end, and has a lot twists that are not predictable at all. It’s a fun film that I think everyone should go out and see. Seeing this film might not give you a complete idea of what to expect from Flashpoint, but it might give you an idea on the type of tone you might get from the upcoming film. Now that we have directors signed on to the project we can expect more news such as casting and story details to be revealed soon or possibly at San Diego Comic Con. Hopefully I was able to excite all you even more for this upcoming film, and if you want to read more about the film, check the links below.


Rouges rumored to appear:

Dr. Light possible big bad:

Flash Directors confirmed:



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