3 films that deserve a sequel or remake:

In today’s article I’ll be giving a small list of what films I think are deserving of a remake or sequel and why, while also giving a names of which directors I think would be a perfect match for the films stated below. I might continue this article with more articles in the future giving a list of more films later on in the future, but for now lets focus on the films mentioned in today’s article.

Let’s begin:



Director: Fede Alvarez

Nightmare on elm street is a franchise that has gained an incredible fanbase that has been asking for a remake for years now. Fans were presented with a remake back in 2010 with director Samuel Bayer’s version, and they were not pleased at all. Fede Alvarez is a young upcoming director who has given us two fantastic horror films of this decade. Those films being the 2013 remake Evil Dead, and the 2016 film Don’t Breathe. Both starring Jane Levy as the main lead. Fede Alvarez is a fantastic choice for a remake of Nightmare On Elm Street. Even though Alvarez is still young in his career, his films have made it seem like he’s been making horror films his whole life. Alvarez understands how to make horror films that focus heavily on the characters of his stories more than just the gore. He has the ability to bring forth a much needed approach to the horror genre which is being able to create a remake of a beloved franchise such as the Evil Dead, without trying to hard to make his remake feel exactly like the original. Instead, Fede Alvarez was able to give us a batch of new story in the eyes of new characters that aren’t connected with the past films, while at the same time making them feel real and interesting enough for audiences to care about and root for. Jane Levy’s portrayal of Mia in the 2013 remake Evil Dead was downright amazing in every possible way. Alvarez and Levy gave us a new character that is sure to have just as big of an impact on the Evil Dead franchise as Ash Williams portrayed by Bruce Campbell. Levy and Alvarez with one movie gave fans a new lead that is bound to gain much bigger attention, now that a sequel might be in the works. Who better to bring on board on this project than a director that has done a remake before, and has shown the ability to make his remake his own vision while also paying respect to what has come before.  Jane Levy I’m sure would make an incredible lead if this were to ever happen, and I’m sure without a doubt, fans will want the same thing too. It would be amazing if this could happen in the future.

THE MIST – Remake:


Director: James Wan

The Mist to this day is one of the most ambitious horror films ever made, and changed the game in the horror genre in ways fans did not expect. The Mist is a film that bought together a bunch of people in one supermarket in hopes of surviving the unknown. The film is lead by Thomas Jane and stars many well known actors such as Andre Braugher, Melissa McBride, Marcia Gay Harden, and Laurie Holden. This movie right from the start comes in with a bang, and it gets crazier and crazier as the story unfolds. Audiences found themselves trying to discover and figure out what was in the mist, in almost the same way the characters were in the movie, and that’s one of the reasons why this film worked so well, and to this day is loved by so many. It was able to connect and grab the audience’s attention through the whole film, along with adding in multiple twists that most people did not see coming, especially the ending of the film. The Mist is a film that is well deserving of a remake or sequel, and what better director for the job than the most popular director of horror films today, James Wan. James Wan is a director that started multiple horror franchises that have gained a huge following such as: The Saw Films, The Insidious Films, and the Conjuring Universe. James Wan has been working in the horror genre for a while now, to the point where he is known to be the first name on this list to direct almost any horror film today. Some may even call him the Christopher Nolan of horror films, because he’s that good. Wan understands not only what the audiences want in a horror film, but also he is able to horror films an edge to the horror genre that feels like a breath of fresh air. Wan is one of the most talented directors in the business, and thinking about him directing a remake of the mist is fantastic. If given the chance, Wan might be able to make another start to a franchise with the mist, that can in the long run be feel like a wild ride that fans will love and enjoy for years. Since the story of the mist is known the be based around the unexpected, why not create a franchise of films with different characters having different experiences than one another, much like the Cloverfield franchise, where each film is a completely different story than the previous one. A mist remake would be a great idea, and having James Wan be at the forefront of it, would be an even better idea.



Director: Zack Snyder

Dawn Of The Dead is a film  that was released back in 2004, and caught a load of people by surprise in more ways than one. It is also Zack Snyder’s first big film that started off his career. Zack Snyder’s most recent film Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, was enjoyed by many fans, but was not met with kind reviews, and having Zack Snyder go back to the film that really got him huge attention might be an amazing idea that Snyder will benefit from in the end. Many people will say, Dawn Of The Dead is arguably one of Zack Snyder’s best films of all time, and it’s understandable why they would say that, because Dawn Of The Dead was a remake that Snyder was able to make into his own, and make modern enough that audiences of today are be able to enjoy. This film had everything. The jump scares, an amazing approach to zombies that we have never seen before, and characters that were really fun to watch all around. Dawn Of The Dead is a film that right from the start does not waste anytime. It is not a slow build up, and it was able to keep the audience engaged from beginning to end. It’s like a roller coaster that doesn’t end, and it’s a thrill to watch all the way through. This is a movie that is well deserving of a sequel and is a sequel than many fans want to see, and have been asking for, for a while now. Having Zack Snyder come back to this world would be a treat for all of us and the horror genre as a whole, and it’s a sequel I hope to see one day. Hopefully in the near future.

That’s it for this list. Hopefully you all enjoyed this article! I had a lot of fun throwing down my thoughts on this topic. Like I mentioned before, this a topic I may continue in the future, because I know there is a load of films of different genres that fans want to see get a sequel or remake, and so I may decide to continue with more lists in the future. For now, let us know what you thought of this article and if you have any ideas on films you think are long overdue a remake or sequel, contact us and let us know. I hope everyone has a great day!


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