4 DC Films That Can Work For The Future:

Hey everyone, how’s it going? Today’s article will be a little different than what you’ve seen before. Warner Brothers and DC currently has Aquaman coming later this year, along with both Shazam, Wonder Woman 2, and possibly the recently announced Birds Of Prey all aiming for a release in 2019. I figured it would be a cool idea throw down an idea with a list of films that might possibly help the DC Universe for the future. This is an idea I’m trying out, and I might continue this in the future if the feedback is positive enough. In my film slate, I won’t be doing the casual traits such as just naming superhero titles. I’ll first start off with the title of the film, followed by an idea of what I think the story should be for that film, then giving you names of characters that would fit well with the idea I’m pointing out. That way, I’ll be giving you all a better idea on why I would like to see such films made and why I think it can work.

Next, I want to state that, I don’t think the current DC films should be rebooted in any capacity whatsoever. I believe even though, Warner Brothers has stumbled in the pass with some of their DC films, they truly want to deliver something special for the audience that everyone can come to love and appreciate as time goes on. Warner Brothers has great characters with some of the best well known stories told in comics of all time at their disposal, and so it only makes sense for their movie universe to follow suit. So today, my goal with this article is to create a slate that I think Warner Brothers can and will benefit from in the future.


With all that said, let’s get started:

Year 2020:




A sequel to Man Of Steel is long overdue, and the thought of one coming possibly next year or 2020 would make fans more than happy. We’ve seen the journey of Henry Cavill’s Superman coming to a realization of the fact that he is not from this world, to understanding the consequences that came with the world finally realizing and discovering his origins, and finally we were able to see Clark decide on the man he wanted to be in the world for the people, and him deciding to become the hero everyone wanted him to be for so long. Now that we’ve seen that journey, it’s time to move forward with that realization. The next film for Man Of Steel, should be treated as a new chapter. A story that holds respect for Clark’s journey in the past, but is focused on the present day of Clark donning on the mantle of the Earth’s greatest hero. This film’s focus should be a rebirth for Superman. A new man that has come into his own and is sure of himself and his ideals, and ultimately carries the true embodiment of a Superhero that all fans will come to love and appreciate for many years to come.

Villains: Metallo & Lex Luthor


The villains I think would work for this film is Metallo and Lex Luthor. In the previous Man Of Steel film, we’ve seen Superman face an Genral Zod who carries the same power as him, and for the most part General Zod played the muscle that was able to go toe to toe with Superman physically. Now that we’ve seen that approach, Superman’s next film should also carry someone who can physically handle Superman, but also we should see a villain that plays more of the brain rather than the muscle to balance it out. That villain being Lex Luthor. We’ve already had the groundwork laid out for Lex Luthor in both Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and Justice League. Now that we have an established Lex Luthor, it is time for the audience to truly see a fully realized Lex Luthor that is sure of himself and his ideals. A villain that is a true mastermind, and wants to save his planet in similar ways that Superman wants to, with the only difference being, Lex taking on colder actions to see his ideals met. Allowing the audience to see a villain who believes they are the hero of their own story can and has worked in the past. An example of that being, Liam Neeson’s portrayal  Ra’s Al, Ghul in Batman Begins, who believed Gotham was beyond saving and did everything he could to destroy the Batman and his city. Batman being trained by Ra’s and holding similar ideals to him, without going off the rails as he did, is a blueprint for what I’m explaining here. A hero and a villain who share similar beliefs, with the villain’s approach having less empathy than the hero, and seeing the outcome of their conflicts come about throughout the story, slowly revealing what truly makes the hero and the villain different from one another. This is a perfect approach the next Superman film should take. I think it will be an amazing start for a Superman film that can possibly change the game once again for Superhero films.

Green Lantern Corps:


The previous 2011 Green Lantern film was not met with the best reviews. Many fans were disappointed with what the film turned out to be. Mark Strong’s performance was a highlight for sure, but it wasn’t enough to save the film from the negative backlash it got years ago. Ever since then, fans across the world have been begging Warner Brothers to take another shot at making another Green Lantern film and this time giving fans a well deserved story that truly pays respect to the origins of the Green Lantern Corps in the best ways possible.  They’re a intergalactic space force that dedicates itself to protecting all forms of life across the galaxy. That opens the door for the DC Universe in the biggest way, because it not only allows general audiences to see worlds they’ve never seen before in the DC Universe on the big screen before such as the Thanagar which is the home planet, to two highly known Justice League members, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Mars home planet to another founding member Martian Manhunter, and also audiences will finally have the chance to see the other Lantern Corps that resides across the universe and seeing how different each Lantern corps ideals differ from each other. A few such as: The green lanterns which deals with the power of will, blue lanterns dealing with the power of hope, red lanterns dealing with the power of anger, and Orange Lanterns which deals with the power of greed. Many more exist in the comics beyond the ones mentioned in this list, but the point being is that, The lanterns are embedded into the DC Universe and are some of the biggest characters of DC Comics ever. Making a film that focuses on truly allowing audiences to take a step back and see the world of DC with their own eyes might cause the audiences to have a new found love for the current DC films, because of how massive the world of DC is, and how far it can go.

Hero: Hal Jordan


Starting this franchise off with Hal Jordan will be a great idea, because he is known to be the first and arguably the most popular green lantern introduced to many fans, mainly because of his daredevil attitude to jump right into action along with his ability to think outside the box which are all features that audiences might gravitate towards since he’s not just another hero that is brooding in the darkness, but he isn’t over the top light-hearted either. He’s right in the middle and that can allow audiences to have an easier time relating to a character that gets thrown into the world without a master plan. Having a character like that allows for the unexpected to happen, and in the end allows for a much more interesting story that many old and new fans can come together and love.

The Flash:


Currently the CW network is running a television series based on the flash right now, but that doesn’t mean a film with a different approach isn’t still possible and shouldn’t be done. The Flash television series has for the most part been met with positive reviews from many fans, which also in the end creating new fans that have never seen the flash on screen before besides maybe the old cartoon series Justice League the animated series that ran on Cartoon Network in the early 2000s. With all that said, not everyone watches the CW network, let alone the flash television series. Not everyone is aware of the characters origins what his world is like. Creating a movie for the flash can truly allow audiences everywhere to see a version of the flash never done before on screen. Ezra Miller made his first debut as Barry Allen in the most recent 2017 Justice League film, and even though that film was not met with the best reviews, many fans came to really love Ezra’s take on the character. Some even saying he was the best part of the whole movie. Giving the fact that Ezra Miller was able to generate a huge fanbase that quickly without a solo film, imaging how much bigger the fanbase will be with a solo Flash film starring Ezra Miller is wild in itself. John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have officially closed their deal with Warner Brothers, and have now signed on officially as the directors for the upcoming film. This is great news, and seeing a film like this hit theaters in 2020 is a great idea. Now that fans have come to love Ezra’s take on the scarlet speedster, it would be smart to keep the memory of Ezra’s performance fresh in fans minds by releasing a solo Flash film as soon as possible. Warner Brothers already has two great directors behind the project, but no release date as of yet. Why not 2020? It works, and considering 2019 is already filled with DC films such as Shazam and Wonder Woman, releasing a flash film the year after is a better idea, and can end up working out really well in the end.


The Batman:


It’s now been 6 years since we’ve gotten a solo Batman film in theaters. Matt Reeves is currently writing and directing a Batman film, but no release date has been announced. In fact, nothing except the name of the director has been announced. Some are worried about a lot of things, such as the batman film possibly not taking place in the current universe of the DC films to Ben Affleck possibly not returning. Whether Ben Affleck returns to the cowl or not, a Batman film is long overdue much like a Superman film, and what better way to get the fans attention and give the fans what they want, then releasing a solo film for both batman and superman in the same year. Dropping two films based on two of the most biggest superheroes of all time in the same year, is sure to put DC on top, and doing this most certainly attract a large amount of attention. Fans everywhere will be on the edge, waiting to see what DC does next. This is an idea that Warner Brothers and DC can only benefit from, and if done right, can lead down a new  path to a new era for DC films for the future. Having buzz like that, will not only get fans attention, but many other talented directors attention as well. Which again is something only Warner Brothers can benefit from in the end. It’s a wise idea, a little risky, but in the end will probably be worth it.

That’s it for this list. I wanted to make a short list just stating out a few ideas of what I think could help start a new path for DC in the future, and how DC and Warner Brothers can benefit possibly following these ideas. Hopefully everyone enjoyed this small article, and if anyone has any ideas on what they will like to see from Warner Brothers and DC in the future let us know. Have a great day everyone!


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