The Death of Superman (2018) Movie Review (The best Superman Movie in the last 8 years)

In 2007, the DC Animated Universe attempted to adapt one of Superman’s greatest comic book stories in Superman: Doomsday. While good it still felt like it was lacking.

In 2016, director Gawd Snyder decided to take a stab at it with BvS. We all know how that went.

Well I’m here to tell you about the DCaU’s second attempt at the story, and how they got it right.

Death of Superman Trailer

LETS GET THE MAJOR SPOILER OUT OF THE WAY…… Yes Superman does die in the movie. I mean it’s the name of the damn movie. (Sorry not Sorry)

Unlike Superman: Doomsday, this movie is set in the DCaU Continuity that started with Justice League: War, so this Superman is still young, and trying to find his way, all while still being a symbol of hope, (See Gawd Snyder you can still do both).

This Superman/Clark has built relationships, with the league, with the community, and in his private life (Jimmy Olsen/Lois Lane). The citizens of Metropolis (Bibbo/Hank Henshaw/John Henry Irons), and the world all admire and respect him, so that when the time comes he fully EARNED his Heroes DEATH. If you read the comic you’ll see all these elements, and come to also understand that this movie isn’t at all about his death but how he lived, how he inspired people. All this is setup in the first half of the movie.

The second half is where the action really kicks in, a meteor containing an imprisoned Doomsday crashes in the ocean, and from that moment on its a bloodbath, yes this is an animated feature but it pulls no punches. If you read the comic you’ll appreciate this movie for the way it handles the violence.

The Justice Leagues attempt to subdue the monster were ineffective, every hero tries and fails, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern (Hal not Guy. I really wish it was GUY), Hawkman, even warrior Princess Wonder Woman (hers was extremely painful to watch).

When Superman finally enters the ring, the fight does not disappoint, there’s heavy destruction, but there’s also Superman who while fighting is still caring about the lives of everyone else (take that Man of Steel). The end of this movie is somewhat emotional, and as I said earlier, you can tell his death was earned, again when you see how the world reacts. It’s one thing to show the world reacting, it’s another to actually feel them react.

This movie does its best to cram all the characters, and give them a purpose, but I do have an issue with some of the characters and their purpose, particularly with Lex Luthor, I feel his character wasn’t up to par, with the story. On the other side, I absolutely adored the Kent’s, Ma and Pa Kent were a wonderful addition to the story.

This Movie told the complete story of “The death of Superman” unlike Superman: Doomsday, and told an amazing Superman story unlike Man of Steel, and BvS combined (Sorry Gawd Snyder fans).

This movie works even at the end with all 3 of its Mid-Credit scenes, they were amazing.

I give this Movie an ‘A’ and highly recommend it to Superman fans, and also anyone who wants to see BvS done right.

This movie is important because I feel like it lays the ground work for the future of DCaU, I mean the original Superman is back in the comics trunks and all, we might as well get the classic Superman back in the DCaU. Maybe he’ll return as that.

This is one of the better DCaU movies, and again one of the best Superman movies in the last 8 years.

MoeCrosby wrote this!

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