Worlds Of DC: Mask Of The Phantasm Solo Film

  Going with the fact that Warner Brothers has now chosen to focus more on standalone stories for their DC characters, tackling a solo film that revolves around Andre Beaumont and her arc of becoming the cold assassin known as The Phantasm, is something entirely new and unexpected, and it can turn out to be something truly special if done the right way.
Before breaking down reasons why I believe a Phantasm solo film is a great idea, I first want to give a small rundown on who the character Andrea Beaumont is, and how she fits into the DC Universe for those out there that may not know so much about her.
  Andrea Beaumont is the daughter of Carl Beaumont and deceased wife Victoria Beaumont. Carl Beaumont is a wealthy businessman that unfortunately gets mixed up in a crime having to do with a mafia in Gotham City. What’s later revealed is that, Carl has been stealing money from the criminal organization he’s been working with as a way to provide for himself and his daughter Andrea. Once the mafia finds out what Carl’s true intentions were, one of Carl’s trusted friends Arthur Reeves helps Carl and his daughter flee to Europe where they lived in secret escaping the mafia. Some years pass, and Arthur decides to run for office, but runs out of money to help with his campaign, and decides to ask Carl for money. Carl refuses and this leads to Arthur telling the mafia of Carl’s whereabouts which eventually leads to Carl’s death later on. This leads Andrea who is devastated by this tragic event down a dark path becoming the vigilante known as The Phantasm as a way to get revenge on the people that killed her father.
What’s interesting about Andrea’s story is that she shares a few similarities to that of Bruce Wayne. Both have seen their parents killed, and both share a view on wanting to get back at the criminals that wronged them, but one of the differences is that, Andrea’s tragedy leads her into becoming an assassin. Andrea isn’t just killing criminals out of pure rage. She is very specific on who she targets, and she isn’t choosing to become a savior like Batman. She becomes an assassin that is out for nothing but pure revenge. She may have less morals than Bruce, but she is just as experienced as him which makes her in a lot of ways just as interesting as Batman.
  Andrea is a character that very early on is living a normal satisfying life, and is unfortunately thrust into another life she never asked to be a part of due to the faults of her father. After losing her father, she loses the last remaining close relative she ever had, and is left with nothing. A broken soul similar to Bruce Wayne when he witnesses the death of his parents. The difference here is that, Bruce still had Alfred to lean on as a father figure. Someone that could pull Bruce out of the darkness just enough so that he doesn’t spiral out of control. Andrea had no one. That is what makes her story so much more devastating. She’s left alone in the world and it’s unfair, but also it serves for a grounded realistic story that isn’t far fetched that people are able to get on board with.
Making a film based around a woman that starts off with a positive outlook on life and then is broken down into a character that slowly sees nothing but the dark side of humanity, and uses her anger as her driving force to help gear her into becoming a vigilante that is more cold than even the cape crusader himself, is something that will definitely be appreciated amongst both fans and new viewers alike.
  One of the things some people may say is that, a superhero fatigue maybe on the way since a lot of superhero films feel the same. Well, why not change the game and make a anti-hero film instead. One where we follow a character that serves as a protagonist for the most part, but throughout the film can very well become an antagonist later on due to her drive for revenge. Giving us real characters that go through real problems, have real reactions, and feel like real people is a perfect way to keep the genre fresh and new. Showing us a character that loses everything and is forced to accept the dark world she’s drawn into with no one to lean on but herself, can serve for an interesting story. Also, seeing later on a redemption arc where she realizes the repercussions of her actions, and she tries to become her own anchor by climbing out of the darkness she fell into, can allow for an interesting twist.
Another thing people may appreciate about Andrea Beaumont is that she is equal in combat to Batman, and can hold her own against him. This is just another thing that people can love because she’s not a copy of Batman, but also she’s become a vigilante just like him just with a much more darker cynical outlook on life. A character like that can be unpredictable, and a character that can leave people guessing on how far she is willing to go to accomplish her goals, can leave people on the edge of their seats if done by a dedicated talented team. This is a film I’m not saying has to happen, but I believe it would make for an amazing idea. It’s out of the box and different than most superhero films we’ve seen in the past, and if done right can end up being something legendary.
One actress I think would be perfect for the role is:
Rebecca Ferguson:
maxresdefault (8)
  Rebecca Ferguson has not only made a name for herself in Hollywood at a short time due to her work in the highly praised film Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation, but also again showed everyone just how amazing she is as an action star in the film Mission Impossible Fallout. Rebecca Ferguson has incredible range as an actress and is able to emotionally grab you without dialogue. She is an actress that can truly bring her character to life, and make you believe for a moment that the character you’re watching on screen is a real person. She’s that good, and has done amazing work so far. She’s one actress I believe can give new life to the character Andrea Beaumont that is needed for a film like this one.
  This was my rundown of why I think a solo Phantasm film would work out really well. I hope everyone enjoyed this article, and let us know what you think of this idea by tweeting us @Earth2ComicCast or sending us a message to our Facebook page Earth2ComicCast. Enjoy your day!

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