NEW YEAR SAME SHOW [LUCAS&MOE EP 50] #AQUAMAN = #AQUACASH Will WB/DC switch up? #SPAWNREBOOT Ugly and dark. Who’s done it Better: Viola v Angela: Dawn of Black Aunts

Happy New Year Knuckle Heads. It’s a new year with the same show, only this time we’re going back to an old format. Also it’s our 50th Episode, Thanks for hanging with us for this long.

Anyway let’s get into it, ON THIS SHOW WE DISCUSS;

  • Disney’s Unwillingness to make Roger Rabbit 2
  • Will DC fully Adopt Marvel’s formula after Aquaman’s HUGE SUCCESS
  • Jungle Cruise Salary drama
  • McFarlene says Spawn Reboot will be Dark and Ugly.
  • Throwback Movie Review: The Usual Suspects
  • Who’s done it better: Viola Davis or Angela Bassett.

Again Thanks for rocking with us. this is a good one.

If you commute, and would rather download and listen. We’ve got you covered on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean, Pocket Casts, TuneIN, Google Play Music, and of course on here….

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