Polar Movie Review: One of Netflix’s best films yet!

Polar is a neo-noir action film directed by Jonas Akerland & written by Jason Rothwell. It stars Mads Mikkelsen, Katheryn Winnick, Vanessa Hudgens & Matt Lucas.
The story follows a top world assassin who goes by the name Duncan Vizla(Mads Mikkelsen) better known to many as The Black Kaiser. Duncan who is now looking into retirement, wants to walk away from the job. The firm that hired him disapproves of his actions & hires a younger more ruthless group of assassins who will stop at nothing to silence him once & for all. Along the way, a young woman known as Camille(Vanessa Hudgens) with a traumatic past crosses path with Duncan & the two get involved in an all out war for their survival.
Polar is everything you can possibly want in an action film & more. Not only does it manage to keep your attention with it’s amazing choreography, but also delivers on an emotional level as well. Showing us how every action we make can & always has consequences, and how those same decisions help define who we truly are as people.
Mads Mikkelson plays the main lead Duncan Vizla also widely known to many as The Black Kaiser. Mads Mikkelson is absolutely fantastic in this movie! You see how much a toll emotionally his past has had on him & why he’s chosen to become the loner we know him to be right from the start of this film. His past actions have affected him deeply throughout his years, & he’s a man desperately searching for redemption. And in the beginning doesn’t really know how, but begins to find a way on that path once coming in contact with Camille played by Vanessa Hudgens. Who proves yet again how amazing of an actress she really is. She truly is a star & gives one of her best performances in this movie. I’ve been a fan of hers since High School Musical. So I’m proud to see her career flourish like this & to see her get more roles that give her a chance to show the range she has as an actress! Seriously, she will capture your heart by the end of this movie. Her character Camille has suffered an unspeakable tragedy as a child, and has made herself isolated from the rest of the world. The two of them begin to develop a father/daughter relationship & end up discovering new sides to themselves bringing out the best in each other while also fighting for their lives against a brutal group of assassins. It’s a solid story that is pretty straight forward, and does its job pulling you in enough where you become invested in what’s really going on in Duncan’s life, why is he so cold to everyone? How two lost souls such as Camille & Duncan end up finding themselves again by working together & developing a beautiful relationship they both didn’t realize they needed in their lives. The story is filled with many great twists & turns, and has a pretty good layout of characters that each are a lot fun to watch on screen.  This movie is an absolute blast & is able to grab your attention for the whole two hours where you’ll find yourself in shock & also cheering most of the time due to just how awesome Mads Mikkelson is in this movie.
Katheryn Winnick plays Vivian who is basically the right hand- woman to Matt Lucas’s character Mr. Blut. Her primary focus is staying in power & is probably the only character that’s smart enough to understand why no one should underestimate Duncan Vizla aka The Black Kaiser. There’s a reason he’s got the name & when you see what he does in this movie, you’ll understand why he got that title. Katheryn Winnick is one of my favorite actors working today & I loved her in this movie despite her being on the opposing side. She has a charm about her she brings to all of her roles that makes her highly likable no matter what. That’s just how good of an actor she is. Kudos to the amazing job she did in this movie! And I hope one day she gets the chance to lead her own solo action film, because she has seriously earned it at this point in her career, & I think she can handle a franchise on her own.
Mr. Blut is played by Matt Lucas. Mr. Blut is the boss of Duncan Vizla, & chooses to engage in war against Duncan once he decides to walk away from his job. He’s a sick psychotic villain that finds pure enjoyment in hurting others. Especially when he doesn’t get his way. He’s a pretty one note character that didn’t add to much to the film for me, and I found myself rooting for his demise the whole time he was on screen, but one thing I did appreciate about this character is that he served as most of the comedic relief which is something I think the film did need, and I ended up enjoying what I got from this character for the most part by the end of this movie.
Overall Thoughts: 
 The action Mads Mikkelsen is able to pull off is downright jaw dropping & will have anyone begging for more. It’s brutal, unforgiving, and just straight up cool! You won’t want to take your eyes away, because of how amazing he is in the role! I loved every minute of this movie & it honestly caught me off guard. I wasn’t completely interested at first, but I’m so glad I decided to give this a chance. It nailed it for me & I can not wait to go back and watch it again. I recommend everyone when you get the chance, to go on Netflix & stream this now! It’s not just blind action for the sake of entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll have a lot of fun with all of these characters, the humor is definitely there, but none of it feels forced. Every character honestly gets their moment to shine. It’s an all around good time, and at the end of the day, that’s what most people want out of a film. A story that is able to pull you in right from the start & lives you wanting more, because you don’t want it to end. Not to give away any spoilers, but there is a high chance that we can possibly get a sequel, and I hope we do because Jonas Akerland Director of Polar did an amazing job as well & gathered an amazing cast that will make this movie worthwhile for anyone. I can go on & on about how much I loved this movie, but I think this a film people just have to go check out themselves. You won’t regret it! It even comes close to rivaling John Wick! That right there should be enough to get anyone’s interests. Overall grade: A+!
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