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Welcome to Earth2 ComicCast, a world where superheroes exist and comic book talk is the norm.

Earth2 is a geek news  and content hub that values diversity and authenticity. While we cover a wide range of topics and interests our casts generally maintain three principles:

  1. Geek/Fandom Related. Earth2 ComicCast began focused on comicbooks and from those roots we have broadened our perspective to cover comicbook movies, TV shows, sci-fi, fantasy, video games, board games and more.  If you enjoy the full breadth of a Comic-Convention, then you should find something at Earth2 for you.
  2. Diversity. You should be able to listen or read any Earth2 Content and expect to hear from a wide range of backgrounds, races, genders, etc.  While much of our content points towards an African American audience, we celebrate the many lenses different voices help provide.
  3. Authenticity. Earth2 does not alter any of our content editorially.  That means you may hear opinions and viewpoints that are controversial or challenge norms, but we welcome open discussion. We intend for our podcasts, for example, to sound like the discussions you have with your friends in real life after seeing a movie or reading your favorite comicbook.