Why Westworld’s Lisa Joy is the best candidate to write and direct Batwoman(Katherine Kane)

For those that don’t know, Lisa Joy is an American screenwriter, producer and director, and has done work on multiple television shows such as Pushing Daisies, Burn Notice, and most recently HBO’s most critically acclaimed show Westworld which she is co- creator along with her husband Jonathan Nolan. Westworld has been met with outstanding positive reviews and has won over 20 Emmy Nominations. Lisa Joy has mostly worked as a writer and producer on her projects, but will be making her directorial debut on Westworld season 2.

Lisa Joy has proven time and time again that she is able to create stories with characters that people are able to both resonate with and appreciate. Looking at her work on Westworld, Lisa has created stories that have multiple layers to them that challenges and encourages viewers to ask questions such as: What is reality? What is consciousness? And ultimately what does it truly mean to be human?


source (1)

The characters she has written are multi-dimensional and constantly evolve layer by layer throughout the series. One example would be Evan Rachel Wood’s character Dolores who is one of the main characters on the show Westworld that the story centers around, and without giving too much of the story away, we see Dolores slowly start to realize her entire life was based around a constructed lie and as she learns this truth, we see her struggle to the point where her morality is challenged and as the show goes on, she begins to question the nature of her own reality. These questions she begins to have about herself causes her to go on a journey of self discovery where we see her eventually come to a realization on who she is, where she’s from, and who she needs to be to truly save herself and the ones she cares about.




Katherine Kane also goes through a journey of self discovery as well. In the DC comics, Katherine Kane loses her mother and sister after they’re kidnapped by a group known as the Religion Of Crime. The Religion Of Crime is an secret organization that has been working in the shadows for years and in this organization people follow the word of a Crime Bible that teaches lessons on murder, lust, greed, and all other kinds of crimes as a way to control society through means of chaos. Katherine Kane eventually joins the military like her parents as a way to impress her father, and to fight for those that can’t fight for themselves but unfortunately due to her commander finding out about her relationship with another female soldier, she is discharged from the Marines because of her sexuality. After this, Katherine later on becomes notorious for being care free, her drinking and partying mostly due to her struggling to find her  place in the world. She eventually finds her purpose one night when she encounters a few muggers, and is saved by Batman. Katherine Kane becomes inspired to become a crime fighter not due to her first encounter with Batman, but due to her obsession with wanting to fight crime which causes her to realize she can make a difference in the world that she wasn’t able to make being in the military. Once realizing her purpose, Katherine Kane is supported by her father who has her travel across the world for two years learning different forms of martial arts and mentally understanding the struggles that comes with being a hero and how far she is willing to go to continue down her path as a figure that can inspire others in ways others can’t.

dc-komiksy-dc-comics-batwoman (1)

Katherine Kane is a complex character that goes through an incredible journey of finding herself and understanding the broken world around her. Katherine’s struggle with villains such as The Religion Of Crime is what causes her to embody the role of Batwoman and truly make a difference in her city. Lisa Joy over the years has written many characters that struggle with their morality, and struggle trying to find their place in a world that seems lost. Lisa Joy is great at telling stories that can have a long profound affect on people in a way that is inspiring and uplifting. Her skills as a writer and producer makes her one of the best in the business of Hollywood. She knows how to resonate with the audience emotionally and mentally in a way that truly feels human, and that is something  that is missing with most superhero movies nowadays aside from a few such as Batman Begins, Wonder Woman, and Black Panther. The ability Lisa Joy has to be able to reach out to the audience in a way that causes them to question things about themselves they never would have ask before, is what makes her the perfect candidate to write, produce and direct Batwoman.




Lisa Joy is not only a great female writer, she is a great writer period and has a good idea and understanding on how people think, and what they want to see on screen today. Warner Brothers, giving Lisa Joy this opportunity will not only benefit you with a great film that can truly be successful if she’s allowed full control on this project, but also it is a film that can and will benefit the general public today as well. Aside from the fact that Batwoman has a similar name as Batman, she is in the end a completely different character than Bruce Wayne and has her own unique origin story that isn’t tied to Batman at all. Having Lisa Joy make this movie can allow her to truly make this character shine in a way that hasn’t been done before, and can allow for another female character along with Wonder Woman that audiences across the globe can be inspired by and love.



Lastly, Warner Brothers I truly believe by bringing Lisa Joy onto this project, it will be like finding gold in a field of dust. If this is a project that you’re currently not interested in, I highly suggest you take the chance and allow Lisa Joy to make a film about a character that can quite possibly change the game in superhero films not just for today, but for years to come. I wish the best to all of you, and I hope you take my suggestion into consideration. #LisaJoyForBatwoman #Batwoman






Ready Player One: A true love letter to fans of pop culture everywhere!

Ready Player One is a science fiction adventure film directed and produced by Steven Spielberg and written by Zak Penn and Ernest Cline. The film is based on the 2011 novel which also shares the same name, and is also written by Ernest Cline himself. The film stars Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn, Lena Waithe, Phillip Zhao, Win Morisaki, Hannah Kamen, Mark Rylance, and Simon Pegg.

The Plot:


The film takes place in the year 2045 where the world has become overpopulated and broken. In order to get away from the harsh depressing reality life has become, people now escape through a virtual reality world known as the OASIS. The OASIS is a virtual reality system created by James Halliday who is played by Mark Rylance. The OASIS was created to be a Utopia where people are able to not only escape their harsh lives, but also interact with one another from any where in the world, and be who they want to be based on their own imagination making the possibilities in the OASIS endless. Sometime before the film takes place, James Halliday passes away and decides to create a tournament where he hides three keys throughout the OASIS. The one who finds all three keys is granted half a trillion dollars along with complete control of the OASIS. Controlling the OASIS means complete control of the world and due to this, people known as Gunthers, have gone on the hunt to find the keys in order to control the future

The Characters:


The Cast is huge, but in this review I’ll be discussing a few of the main characters introduced in this film. Starting off with:

Wade Watts played by Tye Sheridan:


is the main protagonist of this story who when introduced in this film is shown to be living in the stacks with his aunt and abusive boyfriend. In the OASIS, Wade takes on the name Parzival who is a gunther, and is shown to be a huge 80s fan much like his hero and the man he’s inspired by throughout the film, James Halliday(Mark Rylance). Sometime early on in the film, Wade ends up finding the first key and in doing so, eventually becomes a target by everyone including the Innovative Online Industries(IOI). Tye Sheridan shines in this role as Wade Watts and does a great job portraying a character that is relatable, fun, chill and overall a character you want to root for throughout the film.

Aech  played by Lena Waithe:

Ready Player One - animated gif - game battle war

is also a Gunther and Wade’s best friend. Aech in the film not only helps Wade hunt for the hidden keys, but also owns a garage in the virtual system where he can fix and create a variety of vehicles and items, which makes him a popular player in the OASIS just based on those skills alone. Throughout the film Aech along with Wade and the rest of the high five battle the IOI for the three keys and saving the future. Lena Waithe does a wonderful job in her role as Aech and is both funny and charming in this movie along with bringing great humor that many fans will have a joy watching on screen.

Art3mis played by Olivia Cooke:


is also a Gunther and leader of a revolution who’s sole purpose is to stop and take down the IOI before they obtain the three keys. Due to her work in her hunt for the three keys, Art3mis is known to be one of the most popular players in the OASIS. Art3mis is also the love interest for Wade Watts and the two of them quickly gain an attraction towards one another on their journey throughout the film. Olivia Cooke is amazing in her role as Art3mis. Olivia brings a great balance of strength and empathy for her character that in the end makes many viewers including myself love her the same way Wade does in the film, and the strength she brings to her role makes her character awesome in more ways than one.

Nolan Sorrento played by Ben Mendelsohn:


is the CEO of Innovative Online Industries(IOI), and is the main antagonist of the film. After Wade Watts ends up finding the first key, Nolan Sorrento hunts down Wade and his friends and tries to  prevent them from finding the rest of the hidden keys by any means necessary in order to obtain them himself and control the OASIS. Ben Mendelsohn gives off another great performance as the villain of this story, and is able to bring a cold level headed attitude that is well appreciated and overall fun to watch!

James Halliday played by Mark Rylance:


creates the OASIS along with his friend Ogden Morrow, and creates an Easter Egg hunt for three hidden keys he scatters throughout the OASIS, granting the winner a fortune and complete control of the virtual system. He is also Wade Watts biggest hero and inspiration in the film. Mark Rylance is able to give a performance that makes you understand the character James Halliday on a deep emotional level that many will appreciate and love.

Ogden Morrow played by Simon Pegg:


is co-creator of the OASIS along with his best friend James Halliday, and sometime before the beginning of the film has a fallen out with James, due to trying to help him become more connected with the real world and less connected with virtual world. Simon Pegg is great addition to the cast and his role in this film without going into spoilers is welcoming and meaningful to the overall plot of the film.

My thoughts on the movie:

Ready Player One is an amazing film that is very much not only a throwback to 80s pop culture but also a well written science fiction adventure that tells the story of what it means to become form a bond with people no matter where or who they are, and also the consequences of what could happen if one becomes too obsessed with technology and losses connection with the real world. Steven Spielberg does a great job creating a utopian world that connects with many fans of pop culture along with a cast that also does a great job portraying characters that are not only believable, but also relatable and easy to understand. Ready Player One is a film with not just great writing, acting and directing, but also great cinematography that helps introduce a world full of imagination and wonder that makes it easy for viewers to believe in and love, and in the end allows Steven Spielberg to create magic on screen that many have not seen before in other films. Ready Player One is definitely a must watch for anyone, and is a film that I believe will bring a great amount of feelings of nostalgia that many people will appreciate, myself included. Steven Spielberg and the rest of the cast and crew created something special and a true classic!

Check out the latest trailer for Ready Player One down below:

Ready Player One Dreamer Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjLVCpE3kuw

Why Steven Spielberg should be director for Man Of Steel 2:

Over the years Steven Spielberg has written, directed, and produced many films that has had a long lasting effect on audiences across the world. Some of Spielberg’s most popular works include Catch Me If You Can, Jurassic Park, Minority Report, Indiana Jones Franchise, Jaws, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and one of my personal favorites, War of the Worlds(2005). Many of these films have one way or another had a positive affect on generations of people and has caused many across the world to appreciate not just good storytelling, but also great cinema overall. Many actors and actresses today had their career changed due to some of his films.

Steven Spielberg has proven more than once that he can tackle a wide range of genres of film such as horror or thriller with Poltergeist and Jurassic Park, or science fiction with A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Minority Report, and War Of The Worlds. Seeing the effect these films have had on many people over the years proves that Spielberg is one of the best, if not the best man to direct a Superman film. Considering some of the changes that are happening with Warner Brothers and DC, this would not only be one of the best times for Warner Brothers to bring Spielberg on board, but also one of the best decisions Warner Brothers can make as well. In this article I’ll be going into a few reasons as to why Steven Spielberg directing a Superman’s film should happen and why it would be an amazing idea.

To start off:

He is great at world building and allowing the audience to feel immersed in the cinematic world he’s creating:


Many Of the films Spielberg has created such as Jurassic Park or War for the worlds are not only popular for their stories, but most of all the cinematic worlds that many audiences experienced and felt apart of when watching them. One of the reasons Jurassic Park is a classic amongst many is because it was the first of its kind that visually alone bought you into a world where for the time audiences that were watching it believed that dinosaurs were real. Viewers felt not only the shock of seeing dinosaurs in a grand epic way for the first time such as the iconic moment the Tyrannosaurus shows up on screen saving Dr.Alan, Dr. Ellie and her kids from the raptors, but also the fear of what could happen if dinosaurs were to be bought back in today’s world and if so how would we as people handle something like that. Another film that does something similar and is a personally favorite of mine is War Of the worlds. War Of the Worlds stars Tom Cruise as the lead playing the role of a father who tries to survive an alien invasion while at the same time trying to keep his children safe. There has been other versions of war of the worlds, but Spielberg’s version had such an epic horror element to it in the thought of an alien invasion happening out of the blue and how people would react when not prepared for an attack like the one displayed in this film. This film goes as far as showing audiences the breakdown of people when scared and what people can and are willing to do to survive during an attack like the one in this movie. Spielberg does a great job bringing all these elements together in one film that in the end creates an epic event that many fans came to love and appreciate in the end. Spielberg being able to create  cinematic worlds that people can immerse themselves in, is and should be a welcomed element to the DCEU that I think can make Warner Brothers and fans across the world very happy.

He knows how to create great characters that many people can grow attached to:

giphy (1)

Another element Steven Spielberg is able to do with all of his films is create characters people remember for years and grow attached to as well. One of the most popular iconic characters known across the world is Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones is a character many people love and grew up with, and has become a huge icon to many. The adventures Indiana Jones goes on in his films bring a level of excitement and mystery that many people wish they can experience themselves. Indiana Jones is relatable to so many because of how realistic he is in the fact that he’s not a superhero. Instead he’s just an adventurer who gets involved in many out of this world situations, and he has to go about getting out of these situations in real human ways. That core aspect of the character is what audiences have always loved and appreciated and is what makes him such a huge icon to so many fans. The possibility of Spielberg being able to continue Henry Cavill’s Superman from Justice League and staying true to the core elements of what makes Superman the greatest hero in comics is something that if done, would keep many fans pleased and very happy for many years to come.

He is a great director that can great stories that can have a long lasting positive affect on the audience:


Lastly, the films Spielberg has made over the years have all become so popular to the public for not just the characters displayed on film but most importantly the stories each of these characters come from in the first place. The stories Spielberg has created for each his films is one of the main reasons many people have been able to immerse themselves in the worlds he creates. One of the best films Spielberg has created is Minority Report which takes place in the future of 2054 where a special police unit is able to predict and prevent crimes people are about to commit due to Precogs which are three human beings that can visualize crimes before they happen, and this film we see Chief John Anderton played by Tom Cruise go on the run trying to prove his innocence after being accused of a future murder he is said to commit. Another film popular and special to many people is E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial which is a story of a troubled child played by Henry Thomas who grows the courage to help an alien he befriends from the government and tries to help him escape earth and return him to his home planet. One of the reasons this film is so special to a lot of people is based on the fact that it brings a lot of heart to it that encourages the idea to many people to stand up for others and do the right thing regardless of the circumstances. This is a core element that is introduced in many stories involving the character Superman. Seeing Spielberg create a Superman film with a story that shows audiences the heart of who Superman is at his core and why a character like Superman has been an iconic inspiration to so many people for so many years is something that is both wanted and needed in the DC Film Universe.


Steven Spielberg creating a Superman film that can give people hope and optimism and encourage people to have a much more positive outlook on life is an amazing thought, and I think it is an idea that Warner Brothers should at least take into consideration if no directors has signed on yet. Having Steven Spielberg work with Warner Brothers and being part of the DC film universe is something that both Warner Brothers and fans could only benefit from, and is an idea I hope does happen in the future.

I hope you all enjoyed this article as much as I had fun writing it. It was fun to go deep into the thought of what a Spielberg Superman film can be, and hopefully this article was able to inspire many of you to comment your own thoughts as well, and be sure to check out Steven Spielberg’s latest film Ready Player One. Check out the latest trailers for the upcoming film Ready Player One in the link below.

Ready Player One Trailers:

Ready Player One See The Future: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iLZSB-5Dyf8

Ready Player One Dreamer Trailer: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rjLVCpE3kuw



John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein confirmed as directors for Flashpoint & what you can possibly expect for the upcoming film

John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein has officially closed their deal with Warner Brothers, and have now signed on officially as the directors for the upcoming film Flashpoint! Both John Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have previously expressed their excitement to bring their own take on the film and gave fans an idea of what to possibly expect for the upcoming film going forward.

Now that Flashpoint officially has directors on board, the film could possibly start production later this year. Until then, rumors and reports have been floating around about the possible villains and story we can expect to see adapted in this film such as:

The Rouges:


Earlier last week, Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap revealed that The Rouges will be the main villains of the film. For many who don’t know, the Rouges consists of a group of criminals who ban together to cause havoc on Central City where Barry Allen resides. These group of villains consist of: Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Mirror Master, Abra Kadabra, Captain Boomerang, Golden Glider, Pied Piper, The Top, Trickster, and Weather Wizard. For many who already watch the Flash television series on The CW, will probably have a good idea of who these characters are already but for those that don’t know, Captain Cold usually acts as leader to the group as they not only commit crimes such as robbery, but also share one goal in mind which is to take down The Flash. Even though we have seen the group on television, I think seeing the group together on the big screen will have a bigger effect on new and old fans. The film will allow a bigger budget which means we can see the Rogues Gallery in full effect take on the flash in one big showdown that I’m sure will please both critics and fans everywhere. Let’s hope this group of characters make it to the film. It would be an epic thing to see for sure.

Reverse Flash:


Professor Zoom otherwise known as Reverse Flash has also been rumored to appear in the film, but not as the main antagonist. Instead he will have a much smaller role in this film. Possibly the reason for this is because they might want to slowly build a story to him leading into another film where he might have a much bigger role. For those that don’t know, Reverse Flash is The Flash’s arch-nemesis and also a speedster. Pretty much the Joker to Flash’s Batman. He is also the man responsible for murdering Barry Allen’s mother which is the main reason why Barry becomes the Flash later on in his life. Reverse Flash comes from the 25th Century and comes back to the past cause havoc solely on Barry Allen by any means necessary. Some could even say he’s worse than the Joker because of the fact he has Barry’s same ability and he can warp and tear through time at any moment he chooses which makes him not only the Flash’s greatest foe, but also a villain even the Justice League as whole has problems with sometimes. If the rumors are true. Seeing a story that slowly builds to Reverse Flash’s appearance can be a great thing, because it leaves more room for more amazing stories to be told in possible future sequels. Seeing a tease of the character or a cliffhanger that reveals the character would be an epic thing to see especially on film giving the effects they can bring on the big screen.

Dr. Light:


Dr. Light is rumored to be the big bad of the film. Dr. Light otherwise known as Arthur Light is known to be a recurring enemy of both the Justice League and Teen Titans. He is able to manipulate light energy in various kinds of ways to use to his advantage. Such as creating solid images of himself that he can make explode on contact, force fields, invisibility, flight, and absorb light energy in any area. Seeing this character take the role as the main villain of the film will be interesting to see, and could be an epic challenge for the Flash to take on in the film.

Iris West:


Iris West is the love interest and eventually wife of Barry Allen. She is a journalist in Central City very much like Lois Lane. Unlike Lois Lane however, she has a long history with Barry allen from childhood. Joe West who is Iris’s father takes in barry as a son after the tragedy of Barry’s mother, and overtime Barry and Iris grow close and eventual lovers in the comics and television show.  She is known to be a strong, independent woman that acts as the moral compass for Barry Allen and helps steer him the right direction when ever he begins to lose his way. Kiersey Clemons is confirmed for the role of the character, and I have no doubt she will portray a great performance that many audiences will grow to love on the big screen.

Why you should be excited:


John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein just recently finished their last film Game Night, and I had the chance to view it opening weekend. The film is a dark comedy with a great cast lead by Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. The chemistry the entire cast shows in this film is on point and entertaining from beginning to end, and has a lot twists that are not predictable at all. It’s a fun film that I think everyone should go out and see. Seeing this film might not give you a complete idea of what to expect from Flashpoint, but it might give you an idea on the type of tone you might get from the upcoming film. Now that we have directors signed on to the project we can expect more news such as casting and story details to be revealed soon or possibly at San Diego Comic Con. Hopefully I was able to excite all you even more for this upcoming film, and if you want to read more about the film, check the links below.


Rouges rumored to appear: https://www.google.com/amp/s/screenrant.com/flash-movie-villain-rogues-rumor/amp/

Dr. Light possible big bad: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cinemablend.com/news/2315671/who-the-flashpoint-movies-villains-might-be

Flash Directors confirmed: https://www.google.com/amp/collider.com/the-flash-movie-directors-john-francis-daley-jonathan-goldstein/amp/



Titans: Why you should be excited!

Titans is a upcoming live action series based on the DC Comics known as Titans. The show is set to premiere on the newly announced DC digital service set for launch in late 2018.  Akiva Goldsman who served as an executive producer on recent films you may have seen such as King Arthur:Legend Of The Sword, Transformers:The Last Knight will also be serving as one of the executive producers, along with Geoff Johns who is known by many as the chief creative officer of DC Comics, and Greg Berlanti who is a writer, producer, and is known by many as the overseer of the CW’s Arrowverse shows such as Arrow, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning.

In this article I’ll be going into reasons why this show can end up being DC’s next big hit, what characters could possibly appear that you may have always wanted to see a live action adaptation of, and what storylines the show can possibly adapt from the comics.


DC’s Next Big Hit:

I believe this series can be DC’s Next big hit because the amount of things this show has going for it are through the roof! Starting off with my first reason:


It’s based off of one of the most popular superhero teams ever known:

Titans and Teen Titans is a group of superheroes that many fans around the world have grown to know over the course of their childhood. Some people even grew to know these characters even better than the Justice League. The show is confirmed to have not only the boy wonder many know as Robin, but also other fan favorites such as Starfire, Raven, and Beast boy. These characters first premiered on the animated television series TeenTitans, and back in the day this show was one of cartoon network’s most popular shows and had a run of 5 seasons and film that ended back in 2006. The show is beloved by many so much that fans in the past have been created multiple petitions asking for a new season of the series. The show followed robin as the leader who tried to find his own path aside from batman, and we got to see not only great character development with just robin, but also the entire team as well. It had great humor that made you love the characters every time an episode premiered on tv, and in the end it did justice to the characters that kept many fans very happy in the end. Because of how popular and well known Teen Titans is amongst fans, Titans already has a fan base behind just based off of that.

Some of the best characters in comics:



Another thing this show has going for it is its characters. The show is said to be centered around a young group of superheroes led by Dick Grayson played by Brenton Thwaites who many know as the first robin that Batman trained and also his protege. Dick Grayson is a favorite amongst mainly because compared to the other robins batman has trained, Dick Grayson is the only one that hasn’t seemed to truly lose his way. He also shares a lot of similarities to batman as well giving the fact that his parents was also killed in a tragic accident right in front of him when performing an acrobatic act in a circus which was later revealed to not be accident due to the owner refusing to pay protection money to the crime lord known as Tony Zucco. Giving all this, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson both share a similar accident which is, both their parents were killed by criminals right in front of them. The difference between the two is that, bruce decides to take on the mantle fight crime through vengeance, while Dick doesn’t allow his anger to motivate him to fight crime. Instead he has a much more optimistic side than Bruce does and is one of the reasons why Bruce Wayne looks at Dick Grayson as not just a protege but as a first son as well.



Titans will be Starfire’s first ever live action appearance on screen and will be played by the beautiful and talented Anna Diop. Up until now, starfire’s only real appearance on television has been through the animated tv series Teen Titans and also the animated film Teen Titans: Judas Contract. Starfire is an alien from the planet Tamaran and is the also known on her planet as a princess. She was set up for execution by the doing of her sister known to be Blackfire who was crippled in her childhood preventing her from gaining the same powers as her sister which later leads her to have jealousy and hate for her sister. Starfire later escaped crashing onto earth which bought her into contact with Robin and the rest of the team. Starfire is known by many as not only extremely beautiful, but is also known to be loving and caring to everything and everyone around her similar to Wonder Woman in a lot of ways. She can also use ultraviolet energy that she can convert into flight energy along with possessing super strength. She is known to have a romantic relationship with Dick Grayson in the comics. I’m sure Anna Diop is going to deliver a great performance for the character, and I can’t wait to see the character on screen.

Beast Boy: 


Beast Boy also known as Garfield Logan played by Ryan Potter is already known to be a fan favorite amongst the fans just based on the fact that he’s known to be the fun loving chill member of the group. Just like Starfire, this will be beast boy’s first ever appearance on screen, and the anticipation for this character is at a new high for many fans considering how the love many fans share for this character. When Garfield was younger he was injured in an animal attack resulting in him contracting a serious and almost fatal illness. His parents injected him with a untested serum that ends up giving him green skin and hair and also the ability to change into any member of the animal kingdom. Even after all of that, he was held captive amongst several other young metahumans by an organization known as N.O.W.H.E.R.E. This organization forced beast boy and many other metahumans to participate in a Culling tournament where metahumans had to fight for their lives, and because of this, beast boy is a vital member of the group due to not only his ability to shape shift at will, but also his sharp intellect and survival skills as well. I for one can’t wait to see this character debut on screen and I know many fans can’t wait either.



Raven along with Beast Boy and Starfire, will be having her first live action debut on Titans as well, and will be played by the upcoming actress Teagan Croft. Raven is not only another fan favorite amongst fans, but also one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe. She is known to be the daughter of the powerful demon Trigon who is sometimes referred to as the devil himself. Raven is from a realm called Azarath that exists between the planes of known reality, and is later forced to leave her home due to the unfortunate connection she has with her father. Raven is known as a powerful sorceress and possesses abilities such as teleportation, flight, telekinesis and and being able to leave her body and use her soul self to engage in combat. Being the daughter of Trigon causes raven to isolate herself from everyone until she meets the titans who eventually take her in and accept her for who she is. Being a titan member she eventually learns to control her abilities and become a hero in her own right. I’m sure Teagan Croft is going to be great and seeing the journey of her character through the series will be exciting to see.


What Stories the show can adapt in the future:

The Terror Of Trigon:


The story of raven’s existence and her connection with her father Trigon is a famous story that has been adapted on the animated television show Teen Titans and the animated movie Justice League vs. Teen Titans. This is a storyline that will most probably come into play at some point during the series, but giving the fact that the show will be live action will allow this show to go even deeper into the story where raven is from and who Trigon is as a whole. Going deep into the mythology of the realm Azarath, will allow viewers new and old to learn more about that world and come to an understanding of why Raven is one of the most powerful characters in DC Comics.

Judas Contract:

unnamed (1).jpg

Judas Contract  is a fantastic story that not only goes deep into Deathstroke’s hate for the titans but also it gives more information on a new member of the titans Terra. Terra is a titan member that originally worked as a spy for deathstroke to help take down the titans. Terra is a metahuman that has the ability to control and manipulate the earth at will and is known to be one of the most strongest foes the titans has ever faced. Having this storyline adapted on the Titans show will bring a long awaited battle many fans have wanted to see for years between the Titans and Deathstroke, and also it can serve as a first ever live action appearance for the character Terra herself. In fact, this storyline can be used for an entire season on Titans and give writers the chance to do things they may not were able to do on other platforms.


Red X:


Red X isn’t a comic book storyline and was originally made for the animated show Teen Titans. Red X is an identity that robin takes on due to his obsession with wanting to take down Deathstroke. One of the reasons this storyline could be cool to see on screen is because sometime later after robin retires from the Red X persona, another individual steels the costume takes on the mantle and himself. In the show, the identity of this individual is never revealed. Seeing this storyline done live action could be interesting because it introduces us to a new character not even in the comics and can it allows us to see what makes robin such a great leader as a result. Seeing him fix the mistakes of his past and learning to work with a team can be a cool storyline that can be used to push him to become nightwing at the end of the storyline if possible. This story has a lot of potential and I would love to see it adapted on screen one day.

That’s it for this article. I hope you all enjoyed reading my thoughts and hopefully I was able to excite you more for the upcoming series Titans and the characters involved. Titans is the superhero team I grew up watching and reading when I was younger more than Justice League, so my excitement for this show is at a high. Again, I hope you all enjoyed the article and if you want to know more about this show, check out the links below.

Titans News:

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Into The Badlands is one of AMC’s best shows:

Into the badlands is television series that first aired on AMC in november 2015. The show is created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar both of which created the widely popular CW series Smallville. Into the badlands is an apocalyptic action, drama, adventure type story and has been praised by not just fans but by a wide number of critics as well. Into The Badlands is a series that is unlike anything else on television currently and does a great job in being a show that is based heavily on martial arts, something that is not shown a lot today.

I’ve been a fan of this series from the start. One of the reasons why is because of how original the show is in how it creates its world and how it makes the use martial arts essential to its story. In this article I’ll be explaining why I think Into the badlands is not only a great show, but also why everyone should be watching it, and should catch up before season 3 starts in April.

The Badlands:
Badlands_Territories_Map (1)
 The premise of the show takes place in an apocalyptic world that is about 400 to 500 years in the future. In this world civilization has fallen apart over the years and become for the most part violent and deadly. Guns as a whole has been banned from most regions forcing people to revert to martial arts as a means for survival. The show takes place in a region called the badlands and is ruled by feudal lords known as Barons who each are in charge with keeping balance amongst the people in the badlands and maintaining peace at all costs. Each baron is in charge of either oil, opium, weapons, and food. To protect their interests each baron is known to have a military force known as clippers that do and say whatever a baron wants at anytime. Each Baron has a regent which is known as their right hand and their strongest clipper amongst their force. Some of the clippers are known to take up young children as their cogs who are known as their students in training to become clippers.
The Characters:
into-the-badlands-season-1-cast-1200x707 (1).jpg
   The characters in the show each have their own story and have a reason as to why they are in the badlands or trying to survive the badlands. Some of the characters are:
   Sunny played by Daniel Wu, is the main character in Into The Badlands and is revealed to be the best clipper in the badlands. He is the most feared and for the beginning of the first season is known to be the most loyal to his baron. In the show, Sunny is revealed to have a love interest named Veil played by Madeline Mantock who is later shown to be pregnant which causes Sunny to have a different outlook to the world and causes him to commit actions that  slowly challenge his loyalty to his baron. Sunny realizes he does not want to raise his family in the badlands and chooses to make the decision of leaving the badlands to give his child the chance of a better life.
    Veil played by Madeline Mantock is a doctor in the badlands and is Sunny’s love interest and pregnant with Sunny’s unborn child. Quinn found Veil as a baby and allowed the doctors that helped delivered his son to adopt her as their own. Veil is the heart of the series and brings out the best in Sunny. She is constantly trying to show him a different approach to life than the one he’s grown to know since a child. Veil’s strength comes from being able to stay true to her morals in a world where morals almost no longer exist and is also in the end, Sunny’s inner strength. She is honest, strong, and caring and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the ones she cares about no matter the cost.
   M.K. played by Aramis Knight, is a young boy introduced early in the series, and eventually comes into contact with Sunny. M.K. is revealed to be from a paradise region beyond the badlands known as Azra which many believes to be a folklore that’s not real. Early on in the series, M.K. is shown to have a hidden dark ability that causes him to blackout. Sunny takes notice of M.K.’s powers and decides to train him as his cog in return of  M.K. helping him leave the badlands and find Azra.
   Quinn played by Martin Csokas is known as the most powerful baron in the Badlands and his regent is known to be the best clipper in the Badlands which is Sunny. Quinn is known to be a ruthless ruler amongst his own people and throughout the Badlands, and in the end cares about nothing more than power. Quinn adopted Sunny as a young boy and trained sunny to be the best that he is known to be. Quinn is someone that believes power is not something inherited by bloodlines but instead believes true strength comes from taking power from others.
   Orla Brady plays Lydia who is Quinn’s wife and mother to Ryder. Lydia is loyal to Quinn more than even Sunny and constantly supports him and his actions, but isn’t blinded by her love for Quinn either. Lydia stands by Quinn but tries her best to raise Ryder to be a different man than his father in hopes that he becomes a better baron his father.
  Oliver Starkk plays Quinn’s son Ryder and is not necessarily favored by his father. Ryder’s need to be acknowledged by his father causes Ryder to be rash and jump into action while also trying to be ruthless like his father which causes a lot of trouble for himself and Quinn in the end. He does his best to prove to his father than he can become a better baron than him, and tries his best to gain his father’s approval.
The Widow:
  The Widow played by Emily Beecham, is essentially the anti-hero of the series and is revealed to be a baron. Other barons are shown to not take her seriously due to her taking the power from her deceased husband. The Widow plays off as a mysterious figure for the beginning of the series, and wants to rule the badlands due to her own reasons and not agreeing with how the badlands has been handled so far. She is known as a mentor and mother figure to her clippers known as butterflies and is known to be extremely protective of them.
   Tilda is played by Ally Ioannides and is known as The Widow’s regent and most trusted ally amongst the butterflies. Tilda looks up to The Widow as more of a mother figure and mentor. Tilda suffers from a tragic past and was saved and taken in as a daughter by the Widow. Tilda similar to sunny is fiercely loyal to her baron and does her best to become the best regent she can be and to always stand by the Widow’s side no matter what, until she runs into M.K. who she grows a liking too throughout the series.
The Choreography: 
 The choreography like I mentioned before is unlike most television shows today, and  Stephen Fung  who is most known for his work on Enter The Phoenix, House Of Fury, and the Sony Pictures drama film Jump, Huen Chiu Ku also known as Master Dee Dee are one of the many people responsible for brining the action scenes in this show to life. The fight scenes on the show for each episode is shown to be unique from each other based on the environment, and each character is shown to have their own unique style that blends with their personality. The show also has a fight camp that the cast members themselves  attend before each season is filmed in order to get into shape for the action scenes.
Overall, the show is one of AMC’s best shows because of the great characters in it, the great visuals it is able to pull off, and most importantly the fantastic action scenes it creates as well. I love this show and have been a fan for a while now. I recommend everyone check it out. I doubt you will be disappointed. The first season is already on Netflix along with the second season appearing on there soon. Season 3 premieres April 22nd on AMC. I hope everyone enjoyed this article. It was a lot of fun to write, and definitely give the show and chance and check it out.
Here’s a link to the trailers for season 1 and 2 below:
If you want to know more about the show check out the link below:

FlashPoint: DC’s Next Best Film

Last month news broke out from Variety  that announced  John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein directors for the upcoming film Game Night and who also worked together on the screenplay for Spider-Man:Homecoming, will be taking on the role as directors for the long awaited DC film Flashpoint! 

Now when this news broke out many people reacted differently, and for the most part many of the fans were shocked by the news. Reasoning for why some fans were shocked is because both John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein were known to have worked on another superhero film Spider-Man:Homecoming, and for the most part a lot of DC fans felt uneasy by the news mainly because they felt the recent spider-man film was more of a comedy than a superhero film. With Flashpoint being wildly known for being one of DC’s darkest stories in history, some can understand why some fans felt uneasy. Others were happy at the fact that the upcoming Flash film finally had a director period, and that too is also understandable.

Now instead of giving you a whole article about how I feel about John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein taking on the helm as directors for Flashpoint, I’m instead going to give you my thoughts on why I think Flashpoint could be DC’s next best film and what can be done to make that possible.

The story does not need to be exactly like the comic book:


Now usually when a beloved comic book story is being made into a film, fans tend to get worried and lash out sometimes because they’re afraid that the movie might not be exactly like the story they read as a child and in all honesty I think it is great thing that, for Flashpoint to not end up exactly like the comic book storyline, but to instead take inspiration from it, and create something new and inviting to both old fans and new.

If films were exactly like the stories we read in books, then there wouldn’t really be a point in seeing the film, because as a fan you probably will know what is going to happen which might ruin the surprise factors for the film. On top of that, studios will have trouble grabbing the attention of people who don’t know anything about the source material and don’t gravitate to the original stories in the book. Giving original content can a lot of the times open opportunities for new and amazing stories to be told. And I think that’s what this film needs to do which is, be different and be its own thing entirely while taking inspiration from past stories.

Fantastic introduction for Reverse Flash: 


In the flashpoint comic book storyline, Reverse Flash is eventually revealed to be the villain, but has already shown to have come into contact with barry once before already. Something Flashpoint can do is set up its storyline different from the comics where instead of barry allen being the cause of flashpoint, we can have professor zoom be the cause instead. We can have barry thrust into a new reality due to reverse flash and have him play the mystery figure that is tipping things out of balance, and it later could be revealed in the third act that not only does other speedsters exist besides barry, but the reason reverse flash takes on these actions is because he comes from the future to ensure he becomes the one and only flash by erasing barry’s present reality forcing barry to race against time to stop him before the changes become permanent.

I think this idea works because not only does it surprise fans who are familiar with the graphic novel, but it can also cause an interest in the audience to want to know more about the other speedsters, the speed force, and barry allen’s world as a whole as well.

The True Flash:


In the graphic novel storyline, Barry Allen is already shown to many viewers to have already taken on the mantle as The Flash. This film can have Ezra Miller’s barry allen continue from the young student he was in Justice League, to eventually transforming into the barry allen that becomes more understanding of his powers, and more aware of why his abilities need to be taken seriously to prevent certain situations from happening such as the one reverse flash causes in this film. Seeing Ezra’s Flash being introduced into a new reality while taken on a villain who has the same abilities as him for the first time, can come off as a surprise to the audience and seeing how he deals with all these ramifications could allow for a student becoming a master sort of story, that I think can be really cool.

Last thoughts:

I think the two directors helming this film can pull off something amazing, and really give both new and old fans a movie that can have a serious tone to it similar to Inception or Looper, but also have fun elements added to it as well. I’m not familiar with all of the work done by both John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, but I did enjoy what they did with Spider-Man:Homecoming, and their recent film Game Night is also said to possibly be one of the reasons as to why Warner Brothers approached them in the first place, because of the serious film it was along with fun elements mixed with it. I hope you all enjoyed this article. I thought with the recent news that came out today from collider, discussing this film and the possibilities that can come with it would be a cool idea to do. Let me know what you think about the recent news circling this film. Have a great day everyone!

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