Why Westworld is the Best Science Fiction Story Ever!

Westworld is an American science fiction series created by two of the most intelligent and talented showrunners working today, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The series is based on the 1973 film with the same name written and directed by Michael Crichton. The show airs on the HBO Network and is currently on its second season, and has been met with high praise for both its two seasons so far. Almost everyone fans and critics alike have spoken nothing but positive things about this show, and there is a reason for that. It’s because it is downright fantastic in every way and unlike any other show on television.

In todays article I’ll be speaking on why I think Westworld is a show everyone should be watching, and why it rivals and even tops many of the science fiction stories we’ve watched on television and even film today. To start off:

The Storytelling:


The storytelling on this show is done so well, it’s almost damn near perfect. How? I have no clue, but Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have gone out of their way to produce something truly special and have created a name for themselves making this show. Without going too much into spoilers, the show takes place in the future in a park known as Westworld where people enter as guests and are met by android hosts. Guests come to this park to indulge in their wildest fantasies and the hosts are forced to fill whatever desire these guests want, and are taken advantage of due to this. Throughout the series we slowly begin to see the hosts gain their own consciousness and finally become aware of the real world they live in, and how far they will go to gain their freedom from their oppressors. The show tackles various topics such as: People abusing the power they’re given, some questioning their place in the world, who they are, and who they want to be, and how far some are willing to go to see those views become a reality.

The Messages:


One of the things I love about the messages instilled in this show is that it causes you to ask questions such as: What is real? What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to truly be conscious, who are you? And who do you want be in this world? All these questions play a part in the show that really speaks on the actions of humanity, our ways of using technology, and understanding the repercussions of going too far when creating Artificial Intelligence. Understanding that if we as a society are truly going to move forward in this world, it has to be done with empathy. We as individuals have to truly take responsibility for our actions and understand that if we don’t we could be paving the way for chaos that could very well end our way of living if we’re not careful. There is many more topics this show talks about, and all of these topics hold true meaning to how we as people choose to live in this world. The messages in this show are messages we as people need to listen to, so that we can in the end build a better and brighter future for ourselves and future generations.

The Characters:


Every character on this show is written with so much layers to them, and hold so much importance to the story that you begin to truly feel for them, and the struggles they are going through fighting for consciousness and fighting to be free. There is a character that everyone can relate to one way or another, and every character has different ideals from one another, and we see these characters change and evolve overtime  due to all the conflicts they are forced to face while fighting for their freedom. Westworld has some of the best characters ever made on television and that is due to the amazing cast that Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan has bought together while making this show. Some of the names involved in this series are Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, and Tessa Thompson. All the actors on this show give such amazing performances across the board, and each of them are able to bring these characters to life in a way that leaves you more than satisfied and speechless every time.

Hopefully I was able to encourage any of you that read this article that haven’t seen the show yet, to check it out. The show is deep, and ground breaking on every level possible. It does not miss a beat at all, and is a true example of excellent storytelling. It’s one of the few television shows that pull out raw emotion from its viewers, and that in itself is incredible. It is able to emotionally, and mentally grab the attention of people and is definitely worth watching. Please whatever you’re doing, when you have the chance, go watch this show now. It is everything and more!

Down below are trailers for season 1 and season 2. Check them out if you want a tease on what the show is like:

Westworld Season 1 Trailer:

Westworld Season 2 Trailer:


Why You Should Be Watching Into The Badlands Now!

Into the Badlands is an American television series that currently airs on the AMC Network. The show is created by Alfred Gough and Miles Miller, and it is currently on its third season which has been met with rave reviews across the board.

In today’s article, I want to talk about why Into the badlands is a series that everyone should be watching, and why it is so damn cool, and one of my favorite shows on television!

Let’s begin:

The World Building:


The world set in Into the badlands takes place 500 years in the future where society is now ruled by several feudal lords who together forge order to drive out chaos in the badlands. Throughout the series we see different factions ruled by different leaders called Barons who each hold a different view on how the badlands should be ruled. Each baron is in control of a military force known as Clippers, and amongst those clippers there is one that is chosen to be the right hand man to the baron known as a Regent. Each clipper is ordered to organize and train a group of young kids known as cults, and these cults later grow to become a clipper themselves. Other people take on jobs as cogs which are individuals that cannot normally defend themselves, so in doing so choose to work for barons in exchange for protection. Each baron is in control of a resource that is of importance to everyone’s way of living. Such as:

– The Armadillo Territory: Baron Quinn: In control of Opium


– Butterfly Territory: Baron Minerva: In control of Oil



– Pickaxe Territory: Baron Jacobee: In control Of Mining


– Peacock Territory: Baron Hassan: In control of Textiles


-Grasshopper Territory: Baron Rojas: In control Of Agriculture


– Fox Territory: Baron Chau: In control of the Cogs.


Throughtout the series we see how different conflicts arise amongst those barons as a way for one to rule over the other, and  during those conflicts, we see how different characters are forced to deal with the ramifications of those barons actions. The world established on this show is gigantic and each season we learn more  about how and why the badlands formed into the way it is now. This alone should capture anyone’s interest because it allows the viewer to take in the idea that this world is set years past our current time, along with showing the rise of the oppressed and who those people become once they’ve gain power in the badlands.

The Mythology:


Throughtout the series we slowly begin to see characters take on certain abilities as their eyes go complete Black. These individuals are referred to as dark ones. Once the eyes of a dark one goes black, they gain dark chi abilities that gives them a certain amount of super strength and speed, and are able to control objects in mid air. In order for a dark one to activate their abilities they must be cut. Once they are cut, they usually are not in control of their body and take on a much darker personality than who we’ve known them to be. Some individuals do have control, and are able to activate their dark abilities without being cut, but that requires a certain amount of training to be done first. The abilities these dark ones have is known as The Gift, and if used for too long it can shorten their lifespan. Right here is another reason to gain interest in the show. Not only does it have a world that is completely original, but the idea of having individuals with almost godlike abilities is an amazing way to get the attention of viewers everywhere. The story and mythology behind the dark ones is constantly being built on as seasons go on, and each season we gain new information on how these abilities came in to play in the first place. This story element brings real weight to the show, that is sure to bring a new level of excitement for many viewers.

The Characters:

into-the-badlands-season-1-cast-1200x707 (2)

Each character on this show is different from the other, and holds some level of importance to the story that is being told as the series unfolds. Every character has their own reason as to why they either want to rule the badlands or leave the badlands, and the show does a great job showing the journey of these characters and how they change going forward.

One of the main characters on the show played by Emily Beecham is Minerva

Into-Badlands-Season-3-Premiere-Recap-Review-Enteralso known as The Widow who is an advocator for peace and is willing to go as far as she needs to go, to see that plan come to fruition. The Widow comes off as a anti- hero at certain points, while other times could comes off as a villain or sometimes a full on hero depending on how one chooses to view her actions on the show.

Her regent and daughter is Tilda played by Ally Ioannides


who when we first meet her looks up and is inspired by the widow due to the widow saving her from a tragic event years ago, and throughout the series we see Tilda come into her own and begin to question her own morals and the morals of her mother. We see Tilda slowly begin to go against the way of the badlands and form into a symbol that she wants to see in the world. During that journey she is met by a boy named MK who is saved by the most dangerous clipper in the badlands Sunny.

MK played by Aramis Knight


is one of the few individuals who possesses the Gift, and as the story unfolds we see MK go on a journey where he tries to find out what happened to his mother, and how he gets back to his homeland Azra which to many others in and outside the badlands is referred to either as the promise land or a myth made up to instill hope in others.

Sunny played by Daniel Wu


is our main protagonist of the show and is known and feared as the most skilled fighter in all of the badlands. Very early on in the series we learn sunny’s loved one Veil, is pregnant with his child, and learning this causes sunny to question his loyalty to his baron and find ways out of the badlands to keep his family safe. Through all of this, he helps MK find his way home as a way to help save his family.

Some other important characters that are part of the show are:

Nathaniel Moon: 



Nathaniel Moon played by Sherman Augustus was once a regent, and before Sunny, was looked at as the most skilled clipper ever to walk the badlands. Early on before we meet Nathaniel, we learn that his family was killed by the brother of a Nomad he had killed years ago working as a regent. Ever since then, Moon has decided to retire and leave the badlands for good. Trying to go a new path than the one he went down in his early years. For a while, moon never wanted to go back to the badlands. That is until he meets Sunny who he grows a liking to. Moon sees a lot of himself in Sunny, and because of that the two of them have gained true respect for each other. Moon and Sunny eventually end up in a fight, with Sunny leaving as the victor, and due to this, it was enough to give him a reason to return to the badlands. We see moon who is a man of honor evolve throughout the series, and become a true leader and ally to The Widow in the growing war taking place in the badlands.



Waldo played by Stephen Lang was regent to Baron Quinn in his early years, and is the one who found Sunny when he was a young boy and couldn’t remember who he was or where he was from, wearing a pendant that took shape of the paradise land known as Azra. Waldo adopted Sunny as his own, and trained him into the skilled fighter he is today. He helped Sunny grow into a man with morals, instead of becoming the dangerous mindless clipper Quinn wanted him to be. Waldo is a true father figure to Sunny, and one of the few characters that Sunny considers a trust worthy ally in the badlands.

There is many more characters in this show, that I won’t mention due to spoilers. The cast in this show is completely diverse across the board, and every character holds real importance and weight to the story of the show.  There is so many characters of different backgrounds that are written incredibly well, to the point where fans begin to root for them even if they may not be a full on hero on the show.


The Choreography:



The choreography on this show is done beautifully, and is one of the main reasons as to why fans love this show so much. The directors of the fight scenes done on this show is led by Stephen Fung, Andy Cheng, and Master Dee Dee. The fight scenes are not only extravagant in the biggest ways possible, but also each fight scene is not done the same way twice. Every character has a unique way of fighting that separates them from the rest, and in doing that it allows for a much more enjoyable show in the end. All the fights on this show is different from the one before it, and that’s a good thing, because it causes fans to have a level of anticipation for how these fights are going to end, and on top of that, it’s just downright cool to watch. Period.

I say if you’re someone who is looking for something new to watch that is really unique or someone that just loves martial arts in general, then this show is definitely for you. Like I mentioned before, the world is huge, the characters are very likable, and the action is at its best, and better than any show I’ve seen in on television. Season 1 and 2 of Into The Badlands is now on Netflix, while season 3 is currently airing on AMC. Check out this show now! You won’t regret it.

Into The Badlands Season 1 Trailer: 




3 films that deserve a sequel or remake:

In today’s article I’ll be giving a small list of what films I think are deserving of a remake or sequel and why, while also giving a names of which directors I think would be a perfect match for the films stated below. I might continue this article with more articles in the future giving a list of more films later on in the future, but for now lets focus on the films mentioned in today’s article.

Let’s begin:



Director: Fede Alvarez

Nightmare on elm street is a franchise that has gained an incredible fanbase that has been asking for a remake for years now. Fans were presented with a remake back in 2010 with director Samuel Bayer’s version, and they were not pleased at all. Fede Alvarez is a young upcoming director who has given us two fantastic horror films of this decade. Those films being the 2013 remake Evil Dead, and the 2016 film Don’t Breathe. Both starring Jane Levy as the main lead. Fede Alvarez is a fantastic choice for a remake of Nightmare On Elm Street. Even though Alvarez is still young in his career, his films have made it seem like he’s been making horror films his whole life. Alvarez understands how to make horror films that focus heavily on the characters of his stories more than just the gore. He has the ability to bring forth a much needed approach to the horror genre which is being able to create a remake of a beloved franchise such as the Evil Dead, without trying to hard to make his remake feel exactly like the original. Instead, Fede Alvarez was able to give us a batch of new story in the eyes of new characters that aren’t connected with the past films, while at the same time making them feel real and interesting enough for audiences to care about and root for. Jane Levy’s portrayal of Mia in the 2013 remake Evil Dead was downright amazing in every possible way. Alvarez and Levy gave us a new character that is sure to have just as big of an impact on the Evil Dead franchise as Ash Williams portrayed by Bruce Campbell. Levy and Alvarez with one movie gave fans a new lead that is bound to gain much bigger attention, now that a sequel might be in the works. Who better to bring on board on this project than a director that has done a remake before, and has shown the ability to make his remake his own vision while also paying respect to what has come before.  Jane Levy I’m sure would make an incredible lead if this were to ever happen, and I’m sure without a doubt, fans will want the same thing too. It would be amazing if this could happen in the future.

THE MIST – Remake:


Director: James Wan

The Mist to this day is one of the most ambitious horror films ever made, and changed the game in the horror genre in ways fans did not expect. The Mist is a film that bought together a bunch of people in one supermarket in hopes of surviving the unknown. The film is lead by Thomas Jane and stars many well known actors such as Andre Braugher, Melissa McBride, Marcia Gay Harden, and Laurie Holden. This movie right from the start comes in with a bang, and it gets crazier and crazier as the story unfolds. Audiences found themselves trying to discover and figure out what was in the mist, in almost the same way the characters were in the movie, and that’s one of the reasons why this film worked so well, and to this day is loved by so many. It was able to connect and grab the audience’s attention through the whole film, along with adding in multiple twists that most people did not see coming, especially the ending of the film. The Mist is a film that is well deserving of a remake or sequel, and what better director for the job than the most popular director of horror films today, James Wan. James Wan is a director that started multiple horror franchises that have gained a huge following such as: The Saw Films, The Insidious Films, and the Conjuring Universe. James Wan has been working in the horror genre for a while now, to the point where he is known to be the first name on this list to direct almost any horror film today. Some may even call him the Christopher Nolan of horror films, because he’s that good. Wan understands not only what the audiences want in a horror film, but also he is able to horror films an edge to the horror genre that feels like a breath of fresh air. Wan is one of the most talented directors in the business, and thinking about him directing a remake of the mist is fantastic. If given the chance, Wan might be able to make another start to a franchise with the mist, that can in the long run be feel like a wild ride that fans will love and enjoy for years. Since the story of the mist is known the be based around the unexpected, why not create a franchise of films with different characters having different experiences than one another, much like the Cloverfield franchise, where each film is a completely different story than the previous one. A mist remake would be a great idea, and having James Wan be at the forefront of it, would be an even better idea.



Director: Zack Snyder

Dawn Of The Dead is a film  that was released back in 2004, and caught a load of people by surprise in more ways than one. It is also Zack Snyder’s first big film that started off his career. Zack Snyder’s most recent film Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, was enjoyed by many fans, but was not met with kind reviews, and having Zack Snyder go back to the film that really got him huge attention might be an amazing idea that Snyder will benefit from in the end. Many people will say, Dawn Of The Dead is arguably one of Zack Snyder’s best films of all time, and it’s understandable why they would say that, because Dawn Of The Dead was a remake that Snyder was able to make into his own, and make modern enough that audiences of today are be able to enjoy. This film had everything. The jump scares, an amazing approach to zombies that we have never seen before, and characters that were really fun to watch all around. Dawn Of The Dead is a film that right from the start does not waste anytime. It is not a slow build up, and it was able to keep the audience engaged from beginning to end. It’s like a roller coaster that doesn’t end, and it’s a thrill to watch all the way through. This is a movie that is well deserving of a sequel and is a sequel than many fans want to see, and have been asking for, for a while now. Having Zack Snyder come back to this world would be a treat for all of us and the horror genre as a whole, and it’s a sequel I hope to see one day. Hopefully in the near future.

That’s it for this list. Hopefully you all enjoyed this article! I had a lot of fun throwing down my thoughts on this topic. Like I mentioned before, this a topic I may continue in the future, because I know there is a load of films of different genres that fans want to see get a sequel or remake, and so I may decide to continue with more lists in the future. For now, let us know what you thought of this article and if you have any ideas on films you think are long overdue a remake or sequel, contact us and let us know. I hope everyone has a great day!


4 DC Films That Can Work For The Future:

Hey everyone, how’s it going? Today’s article will be a little different than what you’ve seen before. Warner Brothers and DC currently has Aquaman coming later this year, along with both Shazam, Wonder Woman 2, and possibly the recently announced Birds Of Prey all aiming for a release in 2019. I figured it would be a cool idea throw down an idea with a list of films that might possibly help the DC Universe for the future. This is an idea I’m trying out, and I might continue this in the future if the feedback is positive enough. In my film slate, I won’t be doing the casual traits such as just naming superhero titles. I’ll first start off with the title of the film, followed by an idea of what I think the story should be for that film, then giving you names of characters that would fit well with the idea I’m pointing out. That way, I’ll be giving you all a better idea on why I would like to see such films made and why I think it can work.

Next, I want to state that, I don’t think the current DC films should be rebooted in any capacity whatsoever. I believe even though, Warner Brothers has stumbled in the pass with some of their DC films, they truly want to deliver something special for the audience that everyone can come to love and appreciate as time goes on. Warner Brothers has great characters with some of the best well known stories told in comics of all time at their disposal, and so it only makes sense for their movie universe to follow suit. So today, my goal with this article is to create a slate that I think Warner Brothers can and will benefit from in the future.


With all that said, let’s get started:

Year 2020:




A sequel to Man Of Steel is long overdue, and the thought of one coming possibly next year or 2020 would make fans more than happy. We’ve seen the journey of Henry Cavill’s Superman coming to a realization of the fact that he is not from this world, to understanding the consequences that came with the world finally realizing and discovering his origins, and finally we were able to see Clark decide on the man he wanted to be in the world for the people, and him deciding to become the hero everyone wanted him to be for so long. Now that we’ve seen that journey, it’s time to move forward with that realization. The next film for Man Of Steel, should be treated as a new chapter. A story that holds respect for Clark’s journey in the past, but is focused on the present day of Clark donning on the mantle of the Earth’s greatest hero. This film’s focus should be a rebirth for Superman. A new man that has come into his own and is sure of himself and his ideals, and ultimately carries the true embodiment of a Superhero that all fans will come to love and appreciate for many years to come.

Villains: Metallo & Lex Luthor


The villains I think would work for this film is Metallo and Lex Luthor. In the previous Man Of Steel film, we’ve seen Superman face an Genral Zod who carries the same power as him, and for the most part General Zod played the muscle that was able to go toe to toe with Superman physically. Now that we’ve seen that approach, Superman’s next film should also carry someone who can physically handle Superman, but also we should see a villain that plays more of the brain rather than the muscle to balance it out. That villain being Lex Luthor. We’ve already had the groundwork laid out for Lex Luthor in both Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and Justice League. Now that we have an established Lex Luthor, it is time for the audience to truly see a fully realized Lex Luthor that is sure of himself and his ideals. A villain that is a true mastermind, and wants to save his planet in similar ways that Superman wants to, with the only difference being, Lex taking on colder actions to see his ideals met. Allowing the audience to see a villain who believes they are the hero of their own story can and has worked in the past. An example of that being, Liam Neeson’s portrayal  Ra’s Al, Ghul in Batman Begins, who believed Gotham was beyond saving and did everything he could to destroy the Batman and his city. Batman being trained by Ra’s and holding similar ideals to him, without going off the rails as he did, is a blueprint for what I’m explaining here. A hero and a villain who share similar beliefs, with the villain’s approach having less empathy than the hero, and seeing the outcome of their conflicts come about throughout the story, slowly revealing what truly makes the hero and the villain different from one another. This is a perfect approach the next Superman film should take. I think it will be an amazing start for a Superman film that can possibly change the game once again for Superhero films.

Green Lantern Corps:


The previous 2011 Green Lantern film was not met with the best reviews. Many fans were disappointed with what the film turned out to be. Mark Strong’s performance was a highlight for sure, but it wasn’t enough to save the film from the negative backlash it got years ago. Ever since then, fans across the world have been begging Warner Brothers to take another shot at making another Green Lantern film and this time giving fans a well deserved story that truly pays respect to the origins of the Green Lantern Corps in the best ways possible.  They’re a intergalactic space force that dedicates itself to protecting all forms of life across the galaxy. That opens the door for the DC Universe in the biggest way, because it not only allows general audiences to see worlds they’ve never seen before in the DC Universe on the big screen before such as the Thanagar which is the home planet, to two highly known Justice League members, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Mars home planet to another founding member Martian Manhunter, and also audiences will finally have the chance to see the other Lantern Corps that resides across the universe and seeing how different each Lantern corps ideals differ from each other. A few such as: The green lanterns which deals with the power of will, blue lanterns dealing with the power of hope, red lanterns dealing with the power of anger, and Orange Lanterns which deals with the power of greed. Many more exist in the comics beyond the ones mentioned in this list, but the point being is that, The lanterns are embedded into the DC Universe and are some of the biggest characters of DC Comics ever. Making a film that focuses on truly allowing audiences to take a step back and see the world of DC with their own eyes might cause the audiences to have a new found love for the current DC films, because of how massive the world of DC is, and how far it can go.

Hero: Hal Jordan


Starting this franchise off with Hal Jordan will be a great idea, because he is known to be the first and arguably the most popular green lantern introduced to many fans, mainly because of his daredevil attitude to jump right into action along with his ability to think outside the box which are all features that audiences might gravitate towards since he’s not just another hero that is brooding in the darkness, but he isn’t over the top light-hearted either. He’s right in the middle and that can allow audiences to have an easier time relating to a character that gets thrown into the world without a master plan. Having a character like that allows for the unexpected to happen, and in the end allows for a much more interesting story that many old and new fans can come together and love.

The Flash:


Currently the CW network is running a television series based on the flash right now, but that doesn’t mean a film with a different approach isn’t still possible and shouldn’t be done. The Flash television series has for the most part been met with positive reviews from many fans, which also in the end creating new fans that have never seen the flash on screen before besides maybe the old cartoon series Justice League the animated series that ran on Cartoon Network in the early 2000s. With all that said, not everyone watches the CW network, let alone the flash television series. Not everyone is aware of the characters origins what his world is like. Creating a movie for the flash can truly allow audiences everywhere to see a version of the flash never done before on screen. Ezra Miller made his first debut as Barry Allen in the most recent 2017 Justice League film, and even though that film was not met with the best reviews, many fans came to really love Ezra’s take on the character. Some even saying he was the best part of the whole movie. Giving the fact that Ezra Miller was able to generate a huge fanbase that quickly without a solo film, imaging how much bigger the fanbase will be with a solo Flash film starring Ezra Miller is wild in itself. John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have officially closed their deal with Warner Brothers, and have now signed on officially as the directors for the upcoming film. This is great news, and seeing a film like this hit theaters in 2020 is a great idea. Now that fans have come to love Ezra’s take on the scarlet speedster, it would be smart to keep the memory of Ezra’s performance fresh in fans minds by releasing a solo Flash film as soon as possible. Warner Brothers already has two great directors behind the project, but no release date as of yet. Why not 2020? It works, and considering 2019 is already filled with DC films such as Shazam and Wonder Woman, releasing a flash film the year after is a better idea, and can end up working out really well in the end.


The Batman:


It’s now been 6 years since we’ve gotten a solo Batman film in theaters. Matt Reeves is currently writing and directing a Batman film, but no release date has been announced. In fact, nothing except the name of the director has been announced. Some are worried about a lot of things, such as the batman film possibly not taking place in the current universe of the DC films to Ben Affleck possibly not returning. Whether Ben Affleck returns to the cowl or not, a Batman film is long overdue much like a Superman film, and what better way to get the fans attention and give the fans what they want, then releasing a solo film for both batman and superman in the same year. Dropping two films based on two of the most biggest superheroes of all time in the same year, is sure to put DC on top, and doing this most certainly attract a large amount of attention. Fans everywhere will be on the edge, waiting to see what DC does next. This is an idea that Warner Brothers and DC can only benefit from, and if done right, can lead down a new  path to a new era for DC films for the future. Having buzz like that, will not only get fans attention, but many other talented directors attention as well. Which again is something only Warner Brothers can benefit from in the end. It’s a wise idea, a little risky, but in the end will probably be worth it.

That’s it for this list. I wanted to make a short list just stating out a few ideas of what I think could help start a new path for DC in the future, and how DC and Warner Brothers can benefit possibly following these ideas. Hopefully everyone enjoyed this small article, and if anyone has any ideas on what they will like to see from Warner Brothers and DC in the future let us know. Have a great day everyone!


Shows You Should Keep An Eye Out For:

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. I wanted to write an article on current and upcoming shows I think everyone should take notice of and check out. There are a lot of current and upcoming shows on television and streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, and judging from the high number of shows on both platforms, it might be hard to keep up with everything. So to make things easier, in today’s article I’ll be running down a list of shows that are definitely worth checking out:

Let’s begin:

Into The Badlands:

Badlands Season Three-thumb-860xauto-70878

Al Gough and Miles Millar who are best known for the CW’s hit television series Smallville that ran for 10 seasons, have come together again and created AMC’s new hit series Into The Badlands. The show follows Sunny (Daniel Wu) who after finding out the woman he loves Veil (Madeline Mantock) is pregnant, tries to find a way out of the badlands in hopes of providing a more hopeful future for himself and his family. Into The Badlands is phenomenal in what it is able to accomplish on television. It is a show that pays respect and is inspired by Japanese cinema and is able to bring martial arts to life in a way that has never been done before. On top of that, it has a very diverse cast where each character serves a true purpose to the overall story in a way that doesn’t feel rushed. The style and visuals of the show is beautiful and truly breathtaking. The show looks and feels unique from other television shows out right now, and that’s because the cast and crew work hard to provide a show that actually feels like you’re watching an epic event unfold on screen. Into The Badlands is a show that gets more wild each season in all the best ways. I highly recommend you check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Sharp Objects:


Sharp Objects is an upcoming miniseries developed by Marti Noxon who is currently executive producer of Lifetime’s comedy drama UnReal and is directed by Jean-Marc Vallee who is best known for HBO’s Emmy Award winning show Big Little Lies. Sharp Objects follows the story of a reporter Camille Preaker (Amy Adams) who returns home to solve the murder of two preteen girls while also trying to unravel mysteries in hopes of finding answers to her own dark past. If you haven’t figured it out yet, one of the biggest reasons you should lookout for this show is that it is starring Amy Adams who in past has won a Golden Globe Award for best actress in films such as American Hustle and Big Eyes, and was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for the film American Hustle. Amy Adams is an actress that has been in well known films such as Catch Me If You Can, Nocturnal Animals, Man Of Steel, and Arrival. Adams is an actress that is able to bring her characters to life in a way that almost makes them feel real. She is able to deliver amazing performances in any of the roles she plays that make you emotionally connected with her characters on screen. The idea of Amy Adams being involved in a HBO series is fantastic, and the premise of the show sounds intriguing enough to grab anyone’s interest. This is a show I highly recommend you keep an eye on. I got a feeling it is going to deliver big time.

The Witcher:


The Witcher is an upcoming Netflix series based on the popular book series written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The series follows the story of a witcher by the name Geralt of Rivera who is trying to find his place in a world full of monsters such as hellhounds, ghouls, ghosts, werewolves, and many more. Right off the bat if you’re someone who is in love with fantasy folklores that involves creatures such as vampires, dragons, or elfs, then you should already know this sounds like a show made for you. The series is in pre-production as of right now, and is aiming for a 2020 release. Lauren Hissrich who was co executive producer on Marvel’s DareDevil is attached as writer for the show with no director announced as of yet. The show will be 8 episodes long and the show according to Hissrich is said to be action-packed and highly focused on character and story. Little is known about the show as of now, but more news is bound to be released as we reach closer to the release of the show. If you’re a fan of GOT(Game Of Thornes) or LOTR(Lord Of The Rings), then this show will most probably gain your interest. Based on the news released right now, the show sounds promising and Netflix and Hissrich are doing their best to deliver to new and old fans the best show possible. Keep an eye out for this one.

The Purge (TV Series):


The Purge is an upcoming 10-episode long television series based on the highly successful Purge films set to air on Syfy with no release date as of yet. Gabriel Chavarria best known for his work on War For The Planet Of The Apes and Jessica Garza best known for her work on the television series Six have been cast as leads for the show. Chavarria plays the part of Miguel who is a U.S. Marine who receives a letter from his younger sister Penelope describing to be in danger forcing Miguel to rush home on the night The Purge begins. Penelope played by Jessica Garza is part of a cult and is willing to serve and sacrifice herself for her leader by any means necessary. Anthony Hemmingway is set to direct the series, and little details about the show are known right now, but judging from how popular the Purge films are, this series has a high chance of being an instant hit. I suggest you check this show out when it is released. It sounds like a wild ride that you won’t want to miss!



Westworld is a HBO sci-fi series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Jonathan Nolan is best known for his work on The Dark Knight, Prestige, Interstellar, and Person Of Interest. Lisa Joy is best known for her work on Pushing Daises and Burn Notice. Westworld is a show set in a Western themed park in the near future where life-like androids known as hosts are made to serve the fantasies of guests that visit the park. The show is currently on its second season airing on HBO, and is without a doubt one of HBO’s biggest hits in years. Westworld raises questions such as: What is consciousness?  How much control do we have on technology, and What does it mean to be alive?. This is a show that is a huge reflection on us as people, how we choose to live as a society, the choices we make in life, and the consequences we face based on those choices. The storytelling on this show is exceptional and the visuals are done in such a way that makes it feel as if you are witnessing a film on screen. The cast on this show is fantastic and involves names such as Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, and many more. This is a show that will leave you speechless multiple times and leave you asking for more after each episode. If you are a fan of sci-fi or just a fan of great storytelling in general, I highly recommend you watch this show. It will shock you in more ways than one.

That’s it for my list of current and upcoming shows you should be on the lookout for. I hope you enjoyed this article, and comment below and let me know what you thought of this list or if you have any shows you recommend that didn’t make it to this list. I hope you all have a great day. Peace!

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Why Westworld’s Lisa Joy is the best candidate to write and direct Batwoman(Katherine Kane)

For those that don’t know, Lisa Joy is an American screenwriter, producer and director, and has done work on multiple television shows such as Pushing Daisies, Burn Notice, and most recently HBO’s most critically acclaimed show Westworld which she is co- creator along with her husband Jonathan Nolan. Westworld has been met with outstanding positive reviews and has won over 20 Emmy Nominations. Lisa Joy has mostly worked as a writer and producer on her projects, but will be making her directorial debut on Westworld season 2.

Lisa Joy has proven time and time again that she is able to create stories with characters that people are able to both resonate with and appreciate. Looking at her work on Westworld, Lisa has created stories that have multiple layers to them that challenges and encourages viewers to ask questions such as: What is reality? What is consciousness? And ultimately what does it truly mean to be human?


source (1)

The characters she has written are multi-dimensional and constantly evolve layer by layer throughout the series. One example would be Evan Rachel Wood’s character Dolores who is one of the main characters on the show Westworld that the story centers around, and without giving too much of the story away, we see Dolores slowly start to realize her entire life was based around a constructed lie and as she learns this truth, we see her struggle to the point where her morality is challenged and as the show goes on, she begins to question the nature of her own reality. These questions she begins to have about herself causes her to go on a journey of self discovery where we see her eventually come to a realization on who she is, where she’s from, and who she needs to be to truly save herself and the ones she cares about.




Katherine Kane also goes through a journey of self discovery as well. In the DC comics, Katherine Kane loses her mother and sister after they’re kidnapped by a group known as the Religion Of Crime. The Religion Of Crime is an secret organization that has been working in the shadows for years and in this organization people follow the word of a Crime Bible that teaches lessons on murder, lust, greed, and all other kinds of crimes as a way to control society through means of chaos. Katherine Kane eventually joins the military like her parents as a way to impress her father, and to fight for those that can’t fight for themselves but unfortunately due to her commander finding out about her relationship with another female soldier, she is discharged from the Marines because of her sexuality. After this, Katherine later on becomes notorious for being care free, her drinking and partying mostly due to her struggling to find her  place in the world. She eventually finds her purpose one night when she encounters a few muggers, and is saved by Batman. Katherine Kane becomes inspired to become a crime fighter not due to her first encounter with Batman, but due to her obsession with wanting to fight crime which causes her to realize she can make a difference in the world that she wasn’t able to make being in the military. Once realizing her purpose, Katherine Kane is supported by her father who has her travel across the world for two years learning different forms of martial arts and mentally understanding the struggles that comes with being a hero and how far she is willing to go to continue down her path as a figure that can inspire others in ways others can’t.

dc-komiksy-dc-comics-batwoman (1)

Katherine Kane is a complex character that goes through an incredible journey of finding herself and understanding the broken world around her. Katherine’s struggle with villains such as The Religion Of Crime is what causes her to embody the role of Batwoman and truly make a difference in her city. Lisa Joy over the years has written many characters that struggle with their morality, and struggle trying to find their place in a world that seems lost. Lisa Joy is great at telling stories that can have a long profound affect on people in a way that is inspiring and uplifting. Her skills as a writer and producer makes her one of the best in the business of Hollywood. She knows how to resonate with the audience emotionally and mentally in a way that truly feels human, and that is something  that is missing with most superhero movies nowadays aside from a few such as Batman Begins, Wonder Woman, and Black Panther. The ability Lisa Joy has to be able to reach out to the audience in a way that causes them to question things about themselves they never would have ask before, is what makes her the perfect candidate to write, produce and direct Batwoman.




Lisa Joy is not only a great female writer, she is a great writer period and has a good idea and understanding on how people think, and what they want to see on screen today. Warner Brothers, giving Lisa Joy this opportunity will not only benefit you with a great film that can truly be successful if she’s allowed full control on this project, but also it is a film that can and will benefit the general public today as well. Aside from the fact that Batwoman has a similar name as Batman, she is in the end a completely different character than Bruce Wayne and has her own unique origin story that isn’t tied to Batman at all. Having Lisa Joy make this movie can allow her to truly make this character shine in a way that hasn’t been done before, and can allow for another female character along with Wonder Woman that audiences across the globe can be inspired by and love.



Lastly, Warner Brothers I truly believe by bringing Lisa Joy onto this project, it will be like finding gold in a field of dust. If this is a project that you’re currently not interested in, I highly suggest you take the chance and allow Lisa Joy to make a film about a character that can quite possibly change the game in superhero films not just for today, but for years to come. I wish the best to all of you, and I hope you take my suggestion into consideration. #LisaJoyForBatwoman #Batwoman






Ready Player One: A true love letter to fans of pop culture everywhere!

Ready Player One is a science fiction adventure film directed and produced by Steven Spielberg and written by Zak Penn and Ernest Cline. The film is based on the 2011 novel which also shares the same name, and is also written by Ernest Cline himself. The film stars Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn, Lena Waithe, Phillip Zhao, Win Morisaki, Hannah Kamen, Mark Rylance, and Simon Pegg.

The Plot:


The film takes place in the year 2045 where the world has become overpopulated and broken. In order to get away from the harsh depressing reality life has become, people now escape through a virtual reality world known as the OASIS. The OASIS is a virtual reality system created by James Halliday who is played by Mark Rylance. The OASIS was created to be a Utopia where people are able to not only escape their harsh lives, but also interact with one another from any where in the world, and be who they want to be based on their own imagination making the possibilities in the OASIS endless. Sometime before the film takes place, James Halliday passes away and decides to create a tournament where he hides three keys throughout the OASIS. The one who finds all three keys is granted half a trillion dollars along with complete control of the OASIS. Controlling the OASIS means complete control of the world and due to this, people known as Gunthers, have gone on the hunt to find the keys in order to control the future

The Characters:


The Cast is huge, but in this review I’ll be discussing a few of the main characters introduced in this film. Starting off with:

Wade Watts played by Tye Sheridan:


is the main protagonist of this story who when introduced in this film is shown to be living in the stacks with his aunt and abusive boyfriend. In the OASIS, Wade takes on the name Parzival who is a gunther, and is shown to be a huge 80s fan much like his hero and the man he’s inspired by throughout the film, James Halliday(Mark Rylance). Sometime early on in the film, Wade ends up finding the first key and in doing so, eventually becomes a target by everyone including the Innovative Online Industries(IOI). Tye Sheridan shines in this role as Wade Watts and does a great job portraying a character that is relatable, fun, chill and overall a character you want to root for throughout the film.

Aech  played by Lena Waithe:

Ready Player One - animated gif - game battle war

is also a Gunther and Wade’s best friend. Aech in the film not only helps Wade hunt for the hidden keys, but also owns a garage in the virtual system where he can fix and create a variety of vehicles and items, which makes him a popular player in the OASIS just based on those skills alone. Throughout the film Aech along with Wade and the rest of the high five battle the IOI for the three keys and saving the future. Lena Waithe does a wonderful job in her role as Aech and is both funny and charming in this movie along with bringing great humor that many fans will have a joy watching on screen.

Art3mis played by Olivia Cooke:


is also a Gunther and leader of a revolution who’s sole purpose is to stop and take down the IOI before they obtain the three keys. Due to her work in her hunt for the three keys, Art3mis is known to be one of the most popular players in the OASIS. Art3mis is also the love interest for Wade Watts and the two of them quickly gain an attraction towards one another on their journey throughout the film. Olivia Cooke is amazing in her role as Art3mis. Olivia brings a great balance of strength and empathy for her character that in the end makes many viewers including myself love her the same way Wade does in the film, and the strength she brings to her role makes her character awesome in more ways than one.

Nolan Sorrento played by Ben Mendelsohn:


is the CEO of Innovative Online Industries(IOI), and is the main antagonist of the film. After Wade Watts ends up finding the first key, Nolan Sorrento hunts down Wade and his friends and tries to  prevent them from finding the rest of the hidden keys by any means necessary in order to obtain them himself and control the OASIS. Ben Mendelsohn gives off another great performance as the villain of this story, and is able to bring a cold level headed attitude that is well appreciated and overall fun to watch!

James Halliday played by Mark Rylance:


creates the OASIS along with his friend Ogden Morrow, and creates an Easter Egg hunt for three hidden keys he scatters throughout the OASIS, granting the winner a fortune and complete control of the virtual system. He is also Wade Watts biggest hero and inspiration in the film. Mark Rylance is able to give a performance that makes you understand the character James Halliday on a deep emotional level that many will appreciate and love.

Ogden Morrow played by Simon Pegg:


is co-creator of the OASIS along with his best friend James Halliday, and sometime before the beginning of the film has a fallen out with James, due to trying to help him become more connected with the real world and less connected with virtual world. Simon Pegg is great addition to the cast and his role in this film without going into spoilers is welcoming and meaningful to the overall plot of the film.

My thoughts on the movie:

Ready Player One is an amazing film that is very much not only a throwback to 80s pop culture but also a well written science fiction adventure that tells the story of what it means to become form a bond with people no matter where or who they are, and also the consequences of what could happen if one becomes too obsessed with technology and losses connection with the real world. Steven Spielberg does a great job creating a utopian world that connects with many fans of pop culture along with a cast that also does a great job portraying characters that are not only believable, but also relatable and easy to understand. Ready Player One is a film with not just great writing, acting and directing, but also great cinematography that helps introduce a world full of imagination and wonder that makes it easy for viewers to believe in and love, and in the end allows Steven Spielberg to create magic on screen that many have not seen before in other films. Ready Player One is definitely a must watch for anyone, and is a film that I believe will bring a great amount of feelings of nostalgia that many people will appreciate, myself included. Steven Spielberg and the rest of the cast and crew created something special and a true classic!

Check out the latest trailer for Ready Player One down below:

Ready Player One Dreamer Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjLVCpE3kuw