Lucas&Moe Vs. NERDPOCALYPSE Weekend #EndGame v #GameOfThrones one #Stark to rule them All

The Biggest Weekend in Nerd History just happened;

1st we were treated to Marvel’s Swan Song in Avengers: Endgame The 4th installment to the 11 year 22 movie Saga that Launched with Ironman and Robert Downey Jr. 

Was it Epic Enough, were your Nerd hearts touched, did you cry, did We CRY? 

2nd not to be outdone by Disney, WB dropped the 3rd episode of season 8 of Game of Throne (The final season) 

This episode not only boasted the largest, and longest battle in TV/Film history, but we may have seen the fall of the Night King.

A weekend of Epic Proportions, 

Tune in and be blessed. 

Game Of Thrones Continues To Remind Us All Why It’s Still & Always Will Be One Of The Best Shows On Television.

From the Battle Of The Bastards, To The Spoils Of War & now The Long Night, Game Of Thrones has never failed on delivering some of the most epic & most satisfying cinematic battles in television history.

No amount of words can describe how mind-blowing these fights truly are. This show does its absolute best in giving audiences across the world the most satisfying storytelling it possibly can, & both the show creators David Benioff & D.B. Weiss make sure of that throughout the course of the series. Especially with Last Sunday’s episode titled “The Long Night”. The third episode of the final season has arrived and it was a devastating blow for a lot of characters this week.

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 Some of those losses being Dolorus Edd, Beric Dondarian Lyanna Mormont, Theon Greyjoy, & probably our biggest loss this episode….Jorah Mormont played by Iian Glen who’s been with us since the very first episode titled “Winter Is Coming”. Jorah has been a loyal servant to Daenerys Targaryen from day one, & even when he was ordered by Robert Bartheon to kill the dragon queen as way of ensuring the end of House Targaryen. Jorah still refused and even went as far as saving her from her assassin, & then ultimately pledging his undying loyalty to her. No one has ever loved, respected, & most of all honored Daenerys Targaryen the way Jorah Mormont has, & that’s the main reason why this loss probably hurts so much for so many fans. Aside from Ned Stark, Jorah was one of the most honorable men in Westeros. So seeing him go was very unfortunate, but he went down protecting the one & only woman he truly loved which made it a satisfying ending for this beloved character.


The night king was a total savage last weekend and completely devoured our heroes in one massive swoop. Many of the armies especially the Dothraki were completely annihilated and was in no way prepared for the onslaught the Night King had ready for them. Even Daenerys most powerful dragon Drogon was having trouble against the white walkers, leaving Daenerys on her own until Jorah came to her rescue once again proving himself to be her most devoted protecter to the bitter end.

But even then, Jon Snow who many of us believed to be the chosen one that will save the people of Westeros from darkness was surrounded by armies of his own comrades who were risen back from the dead by the night king as way of preventing him from trying to save his brother Bran(The Three-Eyed Raven).

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Then to top it all off, even after Jon manages to escape that herd thanks to Daenerys & Drogon, he still ends up having to take on the Night King’s Dragon the undead Viserion which was another problem in itself not just for Jon but the entire castle of Winterfell. Jaime, Brienne, Gendry, Sam, & Podrick all were doing their best to hold off the undead as much as they could, but were no match due to the Night King having the advantage the entire time with number of warriors by his side increasing nonstop.

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To make matters even worse, The Night King & his generals do eventually reach bran where we see Theon bid one last farewell and finally redeeming himself for all his wrongdoings throughout the show by sacrificing himself in hopes of protecting Bran one last time like he promised. Even though we all knew Theon wouldn’t win, he still went down not just as a warrior but a Brother of House Stark. He more than earned his forgiveness, & had an honorable ending.

image (5)


It got to the point where it really did look like all hope was lost…Until, the MvP & true hero herself Arya Stark! comes in out of now where and goes in for the kill, but the Night King ends up catching her at the last minute.



It was at that very moment everyone thought she was done for until we see a quick cut of her using the knife trick she tried on Brienne earlier in season 7 delivering the final blow catching not only the night king himself off guard but everyone watching in front of their screen. It was a shocking, but EPIC unexpected ending not much people could have predicted, & was also prophesied by the red woman Melisandre played by Carice Van Houten back in season 3 episode 6 titled “The Climb” that Arya had a bigger role to play in the future. The last thing she told Arya before her return in Season 8 was ” I see a darkness in you, and in that darkness eyes staring back at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you’ll shut forever. We will meet again.” 

image (6)


Arya was always meant to defeat the Night King & was hinted as our hero for this arc 5 seasons ago. Many of us just didn’t pay attention to it because of our focus on all the other storylines going on at the time. This is why so many people have loved Game Of Thrones for so long. The show has never made itself predictable enough where you’ll know what will happen next. It always keeps you on the edge, & hits you so unexpectedly that you’re not really ready for what’s coming, & that’s one of the main reasons why fans love the show so much. It keeps people guessing, & wanting more. That’s how you entertain your audience!


 Overall, Season 8 Episode 3 ” The Long Night” was an epic conclusion to the white walker arc that’s been in the making since the beginning of this show. It delivered on the hype, & was absolutely one of the scariest yet most thrilling final fights we’ve ever seen on screen. Bravo to the entire cast & crew for the huge amount of work they put into this entire episode. I couldn’t be more proud with everything they’ve done. They’ve completely surpassed every expectation I had, & I’m looking forward to seeing how the last 3 episodes closes up this final chapter to one of the greatest shows in TV history. Until next time, Have a great day everyone.

Black Summer: A Fantastic Thriller That Will Have You On Edge From Beginning To End!

Black summer is an American horror series created by Karl Schaefer & John Hyams. The show is set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse six weeks after the world has fallen apart. Our main lead & mother by the name of Rose played by Jaime King is in search of her daughter after a dispute with the military breaks out & the loss of her husband. The show plays as almost an anthology series giving you different point of views from different characters who each are going through their own turmoil & eventually are bought together as means for survival. Throughout the course of the show we learn just how dangerous & real a Zombie apocalypse can actually be if it were to happen today.


This show does not hold your hand at all, or play the same trope we’ve tend to see in a lot zombie films or television shows in the past such as the hero being a daredevil trying to save the day & magically always happens to survive the most impossible situations. No… This is a very different kind of show entirely, & you’ll learn that from the very first episode. It gets raw, it gets brutal, but most of all it’s realistic. That’s what made it so much fun to watch. You actually begin to invest yourself in these characters, & genuinely care for what happens next because you start to visually see yourself in them just based on how honest their written. The story does not favor or cater to anyone, & is about a single mother who goes through hell & back to find her daughter & is willing to do whatever it takes to find her way back to her & it does it in a way that is both believable, but still very much entertaining enough to keep you on edge. I felt like I was right there in the apocalypse trying to think about what I would do if I too was in same the situation.

Black Summer

The show also has a really likable cast with other names such as Julius James played by Justin Chu Cary who’s a criminal that is forced to take on the identity of a military man due to a dispute with his team. Sun played by Christine Lee who’s a Korean woman that doesn’t speak English & is on a search for her mother. William Velez, played by Sal Velez who’s a man on a search for his sister & children in Texas, & lastly Lance played by Kelsey Flower who’s a young survivor just trying to make ends meet.

maxresdefault (11)

It’s a great binge watch & gives you a different outlook on the zombie genre than you may have never seen before. It’s intense, thrilling, & doesn’t slow down until the very last minute of the final episode. A joy from beginning to end, & worth the time. Anyone that’s a fan of horror will love the hell out of this show. I guarantee it! All I can hope for now is that Netflix will eventually renew it for a season 2, because damn it’s earned it. Haven’t had this much fun watching a Zombie series in a long while. Very glad I gave it a chance and checked it out. Go watch Black Summer now! All 8 episodes are currently streaming on Netflix. You won’t regret it. Hope you enjoyed this review, & let us know your thoughts on the show by sending us a tweet on Twitter, or messaging us on Facebook. Enjoy the rest of your week, & see y’all next time.

Click this link & check out the trailer now!


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White Lines: Desperate to help, but only finding they cause more problems than solving them, Tyrone and Tandy continue to struggle with their situation.

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