#Spiderverse,#Queen Review, #StarTrek 4, Ruby Rose is #Batwoman [Lucas&Moe EP 40]

What’s Up knuckleheads we’re back with another Topics Show..

On This Show we discuss:

* Sony’s Spider universe coming into shape

* Pine & Hemsworth may be out of Star Trek 4.

* Nikki Minaj Queen album flopping.

* Batwoman Casting, Ruby leaves Twitter

* Jungle cruise Gay casting..

* Is Ant-Man & The Wasp officially a Disappointment…

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The Death of Superman (2018) Movie Review (The best Superman Movie in the last 8 years)

In 2007, the DC Animated Universe attempted to adapt one of Superman’s greatest comic book stories in Superman: Doomsday. While good it still felt like it was lacking.

In 2016, director Gawd Snyder decided to take a stab at it with BvS. We all know how that went.

Well I’m here to tell you about the DCaU’s second attempt at the story, and how they got it right.

Death of Superman Trailer

LETS GET THE MAJOR SPOILER OUT OF THE WAY…… Yes Superman does die in the movie. I mean it’s the name of the damn movie. (Sorry not Sorry)

Unlike Superman: Doomsday, this movie is set in the DCaU Continuity that started with Justice League: War, so this Superman is still young, and trying to find his way, all while still being a symbol of hope, (See Gawd Snyder you can still do both).

This Superman/Clark has built relationships, with the league, with the community, and in his private life (Jimmy Olsen/Lois Lane). The citizens of Metropolis (Bibbo/Hank Henshaw/John Henry Irons), and the world all admire and respect him, so that when the time comes he fully EARNED his Heroes DEATH. If you read the comic you’ll see all these elements, and come to also understand that this movie isn’t at all about his death but how he lived, how he inspired people. All this is setup in the first half of the movie.

The second half is where the action really kicks in, a meteor containing an imprisoned Doomsday crashes in the ocean, and from that moment on its a bloodbath, yes this is an animated feature but it pulls no punches. If you read the comic you’ll appreciate this movie for the way it handles the violence.

The Justice Leagues attempt to subdue the monster were ineffective, every hero tries and fails, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern (Hal not Guy. I really wish it was GUY), Hawkman, even warrior Princess Wonder Woman (hers was extremely painful to watch).

When Superman finally enters the ring, the fight does not disappoint, there’s heavy destruction, but there’s also Superman who while fighting is still caring about the lives of everyone else (take that Man of Steel). The end of this movie is somewhat emotional, and as I said earlier, you can tell his death was earned, again when you see how the world reacts. It’s one thing to show the world reacting, it’s another to actually feel them react.

This movie does its best to cram all the characters, and give them a purpose, but I do have an issue with some of the characters and their purpose, particularly with Lex Luthor, I feel his character wasn’t up to par, with the story. On the other side, I absolutely adored the Kent’s, Ma and Pa Kent were a wonderful addition to the story.

This Movie told the complete story of “The death of Superman” unlike Superman: Doomsday, and told an amazing Superman story unlike Man of Steel, and BvS combined (Sorry Gawd Snyder fans).

This movie works even at the end with all 3 of its Mid-Credit scenes, they were amazing.

I give this Movie an ‘A’ and highly recommend it to Superman fans, and also anyone who wants to see BvS done right.

This movie is important because I feel like it lays the ground work for the future of DCaU, I mean the original Superman is back in the comics trunks and all, we might as well get the classic Superman back in the DCaU. Maybe he’ll return as that.

This is one of the better DCaU movies, and again one of the best Superman movies in the last 8 years.

MoeCrosby wrote this!

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#Beychella Recap, Wan owns Youtubers [Lucas&Moe Vs. EP 32]

What’s Up knuckleheads we’re back with another Topics Show..

On This Show we discuss:

* Last Weekends Box Office UPDATE.

* BeyChella Recap.

* Carbi B Debuts at Number 1.

* Lost In Space thoughts.

* Aquaman Pickup shoots, adding new character.

* Blumhouse Jumps into the comic book genre with “The American Way”

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It’s Been a while knuckleheads but we’re back with another Topics Show..

On This Show we discuss:

* Joss Whedon Leaves Batgirl.

* Kristen Wiig is CHEETAH.

* Infinity War Moves up Release Date

* Brad Pitt finally Cast for Manson Movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood..

* Chris Hemsworth is in talks for a Men in Black Spinoff

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This Week in Comics Issue #2 [2018]

Issue 2 of our This week In Comics Podcast,

Welcomes back the This Week in Comics Trinity. Moe, Vito, & Ziggy

We discuss;

* Marvel’s 500th Restart, #MarvelsFreshStart

* Superman’s Trunks

* DC’s New Line #DCBlackLabel

* The Roach #1-4 [Something To Die For] #S2D4
* Thanos
* Saga #48

* Mera #1
* ……And Many More…….

It’s a pretty interesting Episode..


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FlashPoint: DC’s Next Best Film

Last month news broke out from Variety  that announced  John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein directors for the upcoming film Game Night and who also worked together on the screenplay for Spider-Man:Homecoming, will be taking on the role as directors for the long awaited DC film Flashpoint! 

Now when this news broke out many people reacted differently, and for the most part many of the fans were shocked by the news. Reasoning for why some fans were shocked is because both John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein were known to have worked on another superhero film Spider-Man:Homecoming, and for the most part a lot of DC fans felt uneasy by the news mainly because they felt the recent spider-man film was more of a comedy than a superhero film. With Flashpoint being wildly known for being one of DC’s darkest stories in history, some can understand why some fans felt uneasy. Others were happy at the fact that the upcoming Flash film finally had a director period, and that too is also understandable.

Now instead of giving you a whole article about how I feel about John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein taking on the helm as directors for Flashpoint, I’m instead going to give you my thoughts on why I think Flashpoint could be DC’s next best film and what can be done to make that possible.

The story does not need to be exactly like the comic book:


Now usually when a beloved comic book story is being made into a film, fans tend to get worried and lash out sometimes because they’re afraid that the movie might not be exactly like the story they read as a child and in all honesty I think it is great thing that, for Flashpoint to not end up exactly like the comic book storyline, but to instead take inspiration from it, and create something new and inviting to both old fans and new.

If films were exactly like the stories we read in books, then there wouldn’t really be a point in seeing the film, because as a fan you probably will know what is going to happen which might ruin the surprise factors for the film. On top of that, studios will have trouble grabbing the attention of people who don’t know anything about the source material and don’t gravitate to the original stories in the book. Giving original content can a lot of the times open opportunities for new and amazing stories to be told. And I think that’s what this film needs to do which is, be different and be its own thing entirely while taking inspiration from past stories.

Fantastic introduction for Reverse Flash: 


In the flashpoint comic book storyline, Reverse Flash is eventually revealed to be the villain, but has already shown to have come into contact with barry once before already. Something Flashpoint can do is set up its storyline different from the comics where instead of barry allen being the cause of flashpoint, we can have professor zoom be the cause instead. We can have barry thrust into a new reality due to reverse flash and have him play the mystery figure that is tipping things out of balance, and it later could be revealed in the third act that not only does other speedsters exist besides barry, but the reason reverse flash takes on these actions is because he comes from the future to ensure he becomes the one and only flash by erasing barry’s present reality forcing barry to race against time to stop him before the changes become permanent.

I think this idea works because not only does it surprise fans who are familiar with the graphic novel, but it can also cause an interest in the audience to want to know more about the other speedsters, the speed force, and barry allen’s world as a whole as well.

The True Flash:


In the graphic novel storyline, Barry Allen is already shown to many viewers to have already taken on the mantle as The Flash. This film can have Ezra Miller’s barry allen continue from the young student he was in Justice League, to eventually transforming into the barry allen that becomes more understanding of his powers, and more aware of why his abilities need to be taken seriously to prevent certain situations from happening such as the one reverse flash causes in this film. Seeing Ezra’s Flash being introduced into a new reality while taken on a villain who has the same abilities as him for the first time, can come off as a surprise to the audience and seeing how he deals with all these ramifications could allow for a student becoming a master sort of story, that I think can be really cool.

Last thoughts:

I think the two directors helming this film can pull off something amazing, and really give both new and old fans a movie that can have a serious tone to it similar to Inception or Looper, but also have fun elements added to it as well. I’m not familiar with all of the work done by both John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, but I did enjoy what they did with Spider-Man:Homecoming, and their recent film Game Night is also said to possibly be one of the reasons as to why Warner Brothers approached them in the first place, because of the serious film it was along with fun elements mixed with it. I hope you all enjoyed this article. I thought with the recent news that came out today from collider, discussing this film and the possibilities that can come with it would be a cool idea to do. Let me know what you think about the recent news circling this film. Have a great day everyone!

If you want to read up on more of the recent news concerning the Flashpoint film check out the links below:

Warner Brothers announces directors for Flashpoint: https://www.google.com/amp/variety.com/2018/film/news/flash-movie-directors-john-francis-daley-jonathan-goldstein-1202665854/amp/

Flash directors reveal how they landed the job: http://collider.com/flashpoint-directors-explained-john-francis-daley-jonathan-goldstein/

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Why The New DC Division could be a great idea!

Now I’m sure many of you already know about the news reports that Warner Brothers will possibly be launching a new DC movie franchise that will not be part of the current DC live action films, and this new franchise will be launching independent films based on the characters of DC. Later last year, Deadline reported a solo Joker origin film was in the works with Todd Phillips who is best known for the Hangover films will be not only co-writing the film with 8 Mile writer Scott Silver but he will also be working as the director for this film along with academy award winner Martin Scorsese possibly on board as producer for the film as well.

Now just recently another report came out that Joaquin Phoenix has been in talks with Todd Phillips to possibly play the clown prince of crime, and for the most part the news has been received fairly well by majority of the public.

My Thoughts:


Even though I’m hesitant to believe a lot of the rumored DC news lately, I think the news about Joaquin Phoenix possibly playing the joker is fantastic! Joaquin Phoenix has been known to be in a number of films such as Gladiator, Her, and Inherent Vice. Many people even say his acting is so good he is almost a chameleon, and that is exactly why I think he is one the best picks for the role. Having an actor like Joaquin Phoenix that can completely adapt to the characteristics and mindset of the Joker could possibly give off one of the best performances of the joker ever! In fact if this works out and this movie turns out great, Joaquin Phoenix could possibly rival Heath Ledger’s performance as the joker in the film The Dark Knight! And yes it is possible to rival that performance but I think it will take the right team to pull that off, and I think so far Warner brothers has possibly gathered the right team for the job.

Reasons why the new DC banner can work:


The idea of having else world stories worries me, because people might begin to get confused rightfully so about which characters are in continuity and which are not, but still the idea of having different directors of all different styles coming in and showing their point of view on DC characters is amazing news and I think if done well, it can turn out to be something great. Right now it looks like the future DC films might be going in that direction anyway. With Aquaman coming later this year from director James Wan who is mostly known for horror films such as the Saw Franchise and The Conjuring films, seeing James Wan tackle a film that’s not horror based but possibly more action based will be very cool to see, and James Wan has already shown that he can handle action basedon his work as director for Furious 7. Aquaman has the ability to be an epic film with epic visuals that no one has seen before, and I’m looking forward to what James Wan does with the film later this year.

Other films that could come out of the new banner:


Lastly like I mentioned before, having else world or solo stories could be a great thing. The new possible banner allows directors and writers to tell stories on certain characters that don’t necessarily have to fit in with the continuity. Seeing a film that has Jason Todd for example as the main lead and having the audience see a gritty Gotham full of crime in the point of view of Jason Todd would be a really cool thing to see, because it allows readers who are already aware of the character’s story to resonate with him on a different level, and it allows new people to possibly become fans of a character they did not know about before. We’re already have a Nightwing film on the way based on one of my favorite heroes from DC, so it’s possible anything can happen.

Overall, Warner Brothers and DC launching a new possible banner that allows for more independent film making using DC characters can not only be a great thing, but it can also put them on a different level than marvel without trying to compete with them and allow people to see their own style on things without comparing them to other companies. I’m looking forward to what Warner Brothers  and DC does in the future, and I hope for the best.

If you’re interested in learning more on this news, check out the articles below to know more details and to stay updated on everything:

Solo Joker Film Announcement and details on new division: http://deadline.com/2017/08/the-joker-origin-movie-todd-phillips-martin-scorsese-scott-silver-batman-dc-universe-1202154053/

Joaquin Phoenix in talks to play The Joker: http://variety.com/2018/film/news/joaquin-phoenix-the-joker-origin-movie-todd-phillips-1202692188/

James Wan Announced as Director for Aquaman: http://variety.com/2015/film/news/aquaman-james-wan-directing-1201511748/


I hope you all enjoyed my first article on Earth2ComicCast. I had a lot of fun writing this article, and I hope to continue writing and sharing more of my opinions with you all in the future.

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