Lucas&Moe Vs. NERDPOCALYPSE Weekend #EndGame v #GameOfThrones one #Stark to rule them All

The Biggest Weekend in Nerd History just happened;

1st we were treated to Marvel’s Swan Song in Avengers: Endgame The 4th installment to the 11 year 22 movie Saga that Launched with Ironman and Robert Downey Jr. 

Was it Epic Enough, were your Nerd hearts touched, did you cry, did We CRY? 

2nd not to be outdone by Disney, WB dropped the 3rd episode of season 8 of Game of Throne (The final season) 

This episode not only boasted the largest, and longest battle in TV/Film history, but we may have seen the fall of the Night King.

A weekend of Epic Proportions, 

Tune in and be blessed. 

#SurvivingCardiB #Dumbo #Endgame #FreeJussie #ZackSnyder is officially Broken [Lucas&Moe 58]

What’s Up knuckleheads we’re back with another Topics Show..

On This Show we discuss:

* Dumbo Review

* Jussie is Free

* Endgame is 3 hours

* Zack Snyder on Batman 

* Jordan Peele doesn’t like White People

* Is Apple TV setup to Fail.

* Is Cardi B a Nasty Nigga

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