This Week in Comics Issue #2 [2018]

Issue 2 of our This week In Comics Podcast,

Welcomes back the This Week in Comics Trinity. Moe, Vito, & Ziggy

We discuss;

* Marvel’s 500th Restart, #MarvelsFreshStart

* Superman’s Trunks

* DC’s New Line #DCBlackLabel

* The Roach #1-4 [Something To Die For] #S2D4
* Thanos
* Saga #48

* Mera #1
* ……And Many More…….

It’s a pretty interesting Episode..


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E2CC Year In Review Comic Book Edition

Welcome to Earth2 where superheroes Exist and Comic book talk is the norm…

This is a very Special This Week In Comics Episode, where we do a year in Review for 2017, Talking about:

* Our Favorite comic Series,

* Our Favorite Comic book Crossovers & Events.

* Our Favorite Graphic Novels.

Finally we talk about what we are looking forward to in 2018

Thanks for Rocking with US all year, we have more to come in 2018

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